My love language

I have this feminine urge to make myself happy in any form.
I am attracted with the short words and less exposed people. To the right books which says about home. To the poetries ,the annotations, epilogues and accolades. To the literature as a whole.
People who take efforts in pulling a chair for a meal or pulling the door when you leave. My eyes look for the love of little things. When a person is talking and not talking suddenly because of the observation. Tea has been a constant catharsis.
I am attracted to both biotic and abiotic things in life. I am pulled by the intellectual wit,by the hand movements when a person speaks, by the coloured foot and silver toe rings. By the rings and the ear cuffs. I am attracted to the flat moles and different colored eyes. I love talking to beautiful people and the silent ones. For what makes them more beautiful and what makes them more a warrior.
I am obsessed with the end of the day,the
sunlight that finds a way through the window to kiss my face. I love how nature plays an important role in my life. It\\\’s is always romantic.
I am fascinated with the tattoos and top-notch makeup done on the eyes. I love good hairs and a sultry voice. I am delusional about the idea and the anatomy of a woman. I am affirmatively love with the ideas and imagination and far sighted people.
So if I am talking to you,understand that you are my kind of a love language.


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