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The phrase “Women Supporting Women” is more than just a saying; I’ve lived it.


After handing over the Innovation-Technology Transfer Office to Reema Sahni Mediratta, I took a break, but soon felt restless. I was torn between entrepreneurship and finding a job while juggling my 2-year-old daughter. My entrepreneur friends’ stories inspired me to share their journeys, and I considered starting a podcast. Initially, I doubted my ability to engage and be comfortable on camera, but my family’s encouragement gave me the push I needed.


I dedicated myself to finding the perfect name, crafting logos, and designing the podcast’s visual identity with a supportive friend. I even composed the music myself! Stepping out of my comfort zone to engage with strangers was a challenge, but many were kind enough to oblige. I learned to prioritize working with respectful and professional individuals. Initially, I handled all editing myself, but later discovered a student startup who managed editing and subtitling, allowing me to focus on creating content.


I redefined Dhvaani’s scope by introducing new series and partnering with a women-founded organization to share startup ecosystem content, expanding my reach. Through Dhvaani, I showcase the stories of women entrepreneurs, ecosystem enablers, and experts, providing a roadmap for the next generation of women leaders to explore various career paths. Additionally, I created a series where experiences and learnings from the Department of Science and Technology’s WISE Scheme (formerly Women Scientist C Scheme) are shared. This scheme trains women in intellectual property rights, empowering aspiring professionals to explore diverse career options after completing this internship. By sharing these stories and insights, I aim to inspire and educate, creating a ripple effect of women uplifting women

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Dhvaani is a shining example of women supporting women, where I am fortunate to have the backing of other women who share their stories, expertise, and experiences. Through Dhvaani, I provide a platform for these women to reach out to those who can benefit from their advice, tips, and journeys. Simultaneously, I am empowering women to find their voice and share their stories with those who are facing similar challenges and seeking solutions. In this way, Dhvaani creates a supportive cycle of women uplifting and inspiring each other, fostering growth and success.


Through Dhvaani, I have had the privilege of engaging in insightful interviews and knowledge sessions, which have left me feeling inspired and motivated. With each conversation, I have gained new perspectives, learned valuable lessons, and discovered the remarkable stories of women who are making a difference in their respective fields. At the same time, I have been humbled to find that my work with Dhvaani has also inspired others – a truly gratifying experience. I am deeply thankful to the incredible women who have supported me on this journey, sharing their experiences, expertise, and encouragement along the way. Their unwavering belief in me and in Dhvaani’s mission has been a constant source of motivation, and I am honored to be part of a community that lifts each other up.


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