New girl in town

“It’s a sunny day”, she thought as she opened her eyes. The new yellow curtains made the room even brighter. She turned aside, closing her eyes tightly, trying to sleep back. “I hate this place”, she thought. “I miss my friends”, she sighed.

“Bhanuuuuuu…’s 10’o clock. Why are you still sleeping??”, she heard her mom scream from a distance. ‘Arrgh! no peace. What am I gonna do waking up anyway”, she thought and got up.

As she got ready and was having the boring idli…. thinking who the hell invented ither dad walked in. She looked at him and he turned his face away. Her eyes welled up… full of tears.. “When are you going to talk to me again dad!”, she thought sadly. Her best companion and the one person she loved the most hasn’t been talking to her for a week now. It felt even more lonely in this new place.

She wiped her tears, pushed the remaining food down her throat, and was about to go back into her room, when she heard her dad say, “I’ve enrolled you in the computer classes. You can go from tomorrow”. Her eyes went wide, she looked at her dad and whispered, “Thank you!”

She went into her room and smiled heartily. She gets a chance again to study, to make a future that her dad would be proud of. She clearly remembers the disappointment in his face when the medical entrance results came out last week. He had such high hopes for her… she could see his face so sad, and she would never forgive herself for not studying harder.

“Now! I’ll turn it all around”, she was determined.

It’s 6 am and she couldn’t sleep any longer. She jumped out of bed, got ready in a jiffy and stepped out of her room.

Her mom gave her a surprising look.. “The class is a 9 am. You have two more hours to go. Come and help me in the kitchen”, she said. The girl looked away….she hated cooking and cleaning. “I’m meant for better things”, she believed.

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She sat down with the newspaper….but she wasn’t reading anything. She finally gets to go back to class, learn new things and do so well that her dad would be happy with her again.. That’s all that mattered.

Her mom handed her a plate of  food..and she ate it calmly. She didn’t mind the idli today at all.

It was 8.30 and her dad said, “Shall we go?”. She got on to the bike and they went straight to the computer class. Her dad took her inside, introduced her to the manager and went back.. She felt so nervous.. she hates new places.

At 12, she stepped out of class, smiling wide. She had a great time, she learnt a lot of things, she was the first to answer in class… she felt confident and happy. She started walking back thinking about the homework and all the extra stuff she was going to read for tomorrow’s class.

It was mid-day and the sun was shining bright and hot. It didn’t bother her much though. She stood at the junction waiting for the signal to turn green so she could cross the road.

She watched the vehicles pass by and noticed a red, sleek bike dashing through. she loved the bike…what beautiful color, she thought. The hands holding a brick-red cotton shirt, were strong and hairy.

She looked up….and there he was…..staring back at her.

Her heart skipped a beat…”How handsome!”, she thought. A white t-shirt and that brick-red shirt on top of it.. unbuttoned, the guy looked increasing attractive. It felt like a warm familiar face, she couldn’t help smiling at him.

The guy was staring at her….there she was…the most beautiful girl he has come across… The black polka dress is making her look even more radiant. She’s tall and slim with such beautiful black eyes. Her face looks so calm and her smile so warm, he was totally captivated by her.

With horns so loud, he came back into the world and looked around. He moved his bike and looked back to find her… but she was nowhere to be seen.

…..To be Continued




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