Let’s Embrace Becoming Inclusive Which Means Becoming Less Judgemental

We always under pressure from society to look and act a certain way. You risk rejection, criticism, and judgment if you don’t live up to expectations. Then, you will receive subpar treatment in an effort to avoid rejection from the losers in your immediate vicinity. You must act or present oneself in a particular way. In certain ways, the idea of authenticity is despised by our society. Instead of being ourselves, we’re all attempting to be someone else. You will have to hide it because many people aren’t able to live up to certain standards. After then, things are viewed through a different prism and will be disregarded, rejected, and evaluated.

They are then viewed through a different prism of judgment, one in which they are scorned, rejected, and assessed so harshly that they lose the respect of those around them.

But why are we treating each other so badly, I wonder? Why are we such harsh judges?

Why can’t we accept how disgusting and vile we are? Why must we always be well-groomed and refrain from acting in a way that would make someone else look bad?

Since we are all fallible human beings, it is only natural that we will learn from our mistakes.

Let’s embrace being human in it’s full entirety. Being human means a work still in progress and we all are “work in progress”. A process where we all are pushing our own limits to be the better version of who we are.


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