Beauty in Dark

They dictated “I am dark”

That was always their remark.

Many feel my skin is tanned

That makes my role banned.

The integrity of my black skin shatters

in ludicrous and wraithlike utters.

The glossy matrimony ad seeks for a girl of fair skin

Is something really wrong with my coffee tainted skin?

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When I got married to a man who is fair,

To many it seemed and sounded unfair.

People say “dark but beautiful” or dusky brown

The darkness of melanin is a matter of frown.

With hot spicy cutlets and milk shake, they welcomed us

The gossiping grand aunt was not at all in a mood of fuss.

His peach cream complexion scored higher than my dark face

That made her a lot many things to trace.

Next time, she gave me a cold welcome with cold biscuits and black coffee

And when I went alone, she behaved very bossy.

I can’t fit into the tyrannical moulds of many

My dusky colour can’t please any.

When she sees me the smile on her face fades,

But I don’t care as beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and shades.

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Dr. Aparna Ajith

Anvik Baby's Mom/ An Assistant Professor in English/ Author of 'Musings of Venus'/ A Freelance Journalist. Above all, an epic weirdo with an unfading zest for life and its exhilarating/exhausting journeys! read more...

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