The Art of Speaking

The Art of Speaking

Speaking is the vital manifestation of everyone’s life. It’s indeed an art where one’s heart too gets an avenue to express and share the varied emotions of day to day existence. It’s the act of giving life to one ‘s feelings, passions and sensations through the world of words. It is capable of creating wordly/ worldly wisdom too. It occurs even faster than the fraction of a second. Though language is a pivotal tool for communication, gestures and eye contacts do convey the ideas effectively at times. We speak through the medium of words, eyes, hand movements, gestures and what not. The ultimate aim is to convey the expressions to the other person/ receiver. The art of speaking is a multifarious process. Everyone craves to speak in the midst of the sick hurry and palsied hearts of divided aims.

In the hustle busy of the daily life, everyone is engrossed in their own world. People are curious to share and update the status to make the world know they are active in their real and virtual life. It’s almost like a competition to declare to the world that one is chilling and enjoying in one’s private sphere of life. The profile updates, status and stories are also trying to speak to the known and unknown faces, real and virtual faces through the book of faces . The discourse of speaking is mastered by the social media, emoticons and GIFs too. Life is suffused and brimming with the art of speaking in all ways. To learn the art of speaking to captivate the hearts is a prowess. The Kaleidoscopic charm of speaking can enthrall hearts. Language is not a bar for speaking. Speaking embraces both verbal and non-verbal faculties. It thrives in everyone’s life.
Everybody wishes to speak and let their expressions get life. Having someone to talk to and share the daily occurrences of the day is a great feeling. Sadly, all are in a hurry to speak and nobody wishes to listen. The art of speaking is kept in a high pedestal in comparison with the art of listening. To become a successful speaker, one needs to be a good listener. The perspectives of life from other angles, other view points will add beauty and life to the art of speaking.

Speaking is infact a milestone in a baby’s life. The babbling and prattling acts are moulding him to make a mega entry into the realm of effective speaking. The peals and squeals of laughter bestowed by a baby are of great delight to all. This motivates and prompts him to learn, try and speak more in his own syllables and words. Speaking as an art is nurtured right from the stage of infancy to the ongoing safari of life. One lives to speak and one can’t resist oneself from speaking. Just like a child or new born trying inquisitively to give rhymes to his feelings, all are curious to share their feelings and happiness to others. Speaking grows with one as time passes. It also attains maturity with the events one encounters in one’s life cycle.
Looking at my two year old baby trying hard to speak with his own limited, invented dictionary and vocabulary, I feel his impressions of speaking will also ripen along with his age. I earnestly wish to see him ripening as a good speaker mastering the art of listening as well.
Yes, speaking is the art attuned with the symphony of the syllabic heart…


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