Grandmom… Hell No!  Its Grand Fur-mom!

Grandmom… Hell No!  Its Grand Fur-mom!


Grandparents are the salt of the earth! OK, they are the cookies of the earth!

But I am luckier still… I get to be a Grand Fur-Mom… like a Grand hoo-Mom!


It was a lovely celebration when my Dear son got married to my favourite Daughter-in-law, a few years back. We are Bengalis, my daughter-in-law’s family traces its roots down to the southern tip of the country, right to God’s own country. The ceremony we had was from neither cultures, to cut through any kind of chaotic arrangements, mantra chantings or serving fish at odd muhurats. It was a solemn affair, as the beautiful bride glided in, on the arm of her father and the groom was escorted by his parents, aunts and sibling. The whole heritage club was steeped in peaceful silence till the emcee set the proceedings in motion, rings were exchanged, garlands exchanged and a dreamy gorgeous cake was cut to popping of champagne!

The claps, whoops, good wishes and blessings filled the hall and the beautiful valley!

Joy filled us all! Gratitude to the Almighty!


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Lets move forward: Our son had rescued a puppy from the streets of Bangalore and nursed it from a maggot ridden, scrawny skeleton of a puppy to a robust and beautiful golden Indie. Our daughter-in-law was equally in love with the fur baby, christened Biscuit!

Our calls would end up about Biscuit, her latest tricks and achievements.


The couple moved around the world and so did their fur baby. In fact we celebrated anniversaries and birthdays on zoom, a trend set in during the Covid, lockdown times. But it is a trend which is here to stay and is such a wonderful way to connect families scattered across the face of the earth. To watch Biscuit respond to our whistles and calls of affection was fulfilling as was watching our children -watching their fur baby,  glowing with pride like any other parent.


Our feed was filled with candid pictures of Biscuit and her achievements. The friends she made and the ones she abhorred was the centre of most conversations. Till I caught myself narrating the stories forward to my friends, when they talked about their grand children.


There is no doubt that Biscuit is a bundle of joy and unconditional love, so much so that now they have added another fur baby to the family. This one is a bundle of mischief, steeped in boundless energy. So now we have two fur babies to grand parent. No complaints! Its joy doubled!

All the boots chomped and destroyed are at my son’s house. All the plants chomped up are my daughter-in-law’s. We have only love to give and look into melting eyes over Zoom!


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