Women In 2023 No Longer Want An Alpha Male As A Partner!

Women still prefer men who can give them protection. But over centuries, this idea of protection has changed to someone who supports them.

What is alpha male or rather who is an alpha male?

To understand who are alpha males we need to back to the primitive era, the stone age. That was the time when humans stayed in green lashed jungles like the other wild animals. To satisfy the basic need of hunger humans would hunt. Since they stayed in jungles they had to protect themselves from other animals who could hunt them down. So basically humans had to fight with other animals for their survival.

But humans are different from other animals as we can do inventions and discoveries; our basic nature is to explore. In the quest of one such exploration we invented fire. Now this fire was used to scare away other animals. We started developing our own weapons like a bow and arrow or a javelin. These weapons started getting used to hunt down the ferocious animals. With weapons we became better fighters than the animals.

The evolution of the alpha male

Now the fights shifted between humans. The male humans would fight with each other to woo the female gender. After all the female gender wanted a man who could protect them from the wild world. The man who won the fight became the partner of this potential woman. If we say that all wars have been fought because of women there is nothing wrong in this.

Slowly humans started becoming advanced and they started exploring earth. The strongest person became the king and he started conquering land. The people of particular region were defeated and that region was acquired by the king. The king would also get into relationship with the women of that land.

Ruling the world became prime motive of humans. Modern day weapons were developed. Now the fight was no more with bow and arrow, swords, or javelin. Slowly guns started getting used. We humans showed our capability and developed the deadliest atom bombs. We have even developed missiles

For long countries were captured and the people of the captured countries became slaves. The idea was more countries were captured more resources could be exploited and at the end it would generate revenues. Slowly countries started fighting with each other and the world witnessed 2 world wars.

As the modern day weapons started getting used. Now the man had to strategize how he would fight the war. The king would select the best person who could lead the soldiers and win wars for him. The king might not be physically strong but he needed to be a good strategist to win wars.

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What does the modern woman want?

However in the current time the ways to woo a woman has changed. Now no more a man who fights and kills someone is considered a potential partner. However movies still show that a man fights with 10 goons and wins the girl’s heart. Has the idea of protection subsided? Not really. Women still prefer men who can give them protection. But since laws have come in place the idea of protection has changed.

Now what does a woman want? Well every woman has defined her own alpha male. The idea of alpha male which worked in stone age might not work today.

In animals the idea of alpha male still remains the same. The strongest gets to mate with female in their group. Whether it is a lion, tiger or dogs and cats the males fight among themselves for that female in their group.

What really is alpha male as per you?

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