The No-Show Bestie #WorkplaceFrienship

It was a new year, the year of 2017, I was going through a rough phase in my life but made a decision to join a new company and give my career a fresh start. All in positive mood, I stepped into my new office on 2nd Jan 2017. To my surprise the desk I was allotted was a temporary one, and the place I was sitting at was someone who wasn’t there at all. Day 1 just passed by introducing myself and knowing others. I went home early that day as there wasn’t much to do. Day 2, I found myself sitting at the same desk as still the person didn’t arrive and till now I wasn’t aware whose place I had occupied. Day 3 I see this girl all prim and quiet reached office before time and was already working. And this is how I met my Workplace Bestie – Jyoti, whom I call Jooooo. Since that day till my last day I sat beside Jyoti. She wasn’t in my team nor in my department but still we had so much to discuss about. We shared chocolates, fruits, chips and our entire life sitting beside each other. We never allowed anyone to come in-between.

Although we worked together for 7 months, but now she is my lifetime friend. I can’t live without sharing anything and everything with her. No matter how my days are they have to be shared with her and she has to know every detail about it.

This girl made my toughest phase of life look like the most easiest. She stood by me in the days where I myself didn’t take a stand. She has seen me being crazy, she has seen me cry, she has seen me madly in love, and she has seen me say goodbye. She has held me when i was all weak, she motivated me and still does. She was the reason I used to look forward to go to the office next day and when she wasn’t there beside I used to just sit and look at her chair.

My workplace wouldn’t be a happier place if Jyoti wasn’t there, as her name she brought so much light and positivity in my life that it made me a better person, it gave me hope, and she became the reason to believe in myself and achieve my dreams. She has pushed me to challenge my limits and work towards my goals. I owe so much to her.
I still remember our post lunch walk around the corner, the tea breaks, the after office pizza dates and as this wasn’t enough we used to meet on weekends at cafes and chat for hours. I feel she is my soul sister and not just a Workplace Bestie. It’s been 7 years now I left the office but our Friendship continues and will continue till our last breath.

To many more such workplace friends who make those 9 working hours happy and productive, worth working for and are the reason for coming to the same place everyday.


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