I want to be a stay-at-home woman, not a a career woman, what’s wrong with that

It was not even a week after my marriage, that my mother-in-law asked me, when are you joining your job back? I was stunned to hear this because I had made up my mind to put papers, to be fully able to dedicate myself to my married life, taking care of the household, and raising my children.

No, I am not going back, I am thinking of resignin……. ; I could not finish off. There was a tone of reluctance and resistance in my voice. Her eyes wide opened in stupefaction. What, are you kidding me? You have such a good job which remunerates you generously. It is so difficult to get a good job nowadays.

My husband’s and father-in-law’s reactions were no different from this.

Nowadays, in this inflation, if both husband and wife work, they become financially strong.  They lead a satisfactory life and prosperity thrives. All my friends’ daughters-in-law are working. Nowadays no one wants to be a housewife, then why you? Why do you want to sit at home and waste your flourishing career?

You will feel socially respected and empowered. You will be independent and will be able to take your own decisions. They both added.

I was completely shaken up by this ongoing conversation.

Why does being a homemaker looked down upon nowadays? Why is a housewife considered unproductive and inefficient? Why is a stay-at-home woman always deemed self-doubting and weak? Why they are made to feel embarrassed and worthless?

Why it is so difficult for us to simply allow a woman to be who she chooses to be?

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Why do we always stick to one consistent notion of what it is to be a woman?

Be it a Homemaker or a working woman, every woman has the right to choose what is best for her. It’s a matter of personal choice and preference.

Why do we compare and judge women all the time? Why aren’t they allowed to be themselves?

In this era of inflation when women are stepping out of the comforts of home and showcasing their skills and abilities and shouldering men’s responsibilities to run the household financially, the importance of housewives is diminishing.

While the entire globe is celebrating gender equality and women empowerment, no one seems to be talking about the effort of housewives, their endeavors, and their commitments. Their dedication to serving their family.

It is a monster juggling act of full-time home responsibilities, caregiving, cooking, and cleaning.

Earlier, when women wanted to do a job and wanted to rise in their career they were tagged as ambitious and selfish women and often demonized. Today when they want to give up their careers, tend to family, and take care of the household they are disliked and disparaged. They are called old fashioned and considered a social and economic burden on society.

The word has got some negative connotations as they live off their spouses and seek their husband’s support and approval in everything they do. They are often demeaned and undervalued by their families and friends. They are not appreciated enough for the immense work they do within the closed walls of the house. Their continuous efforts to keep the family united and healthy, to bring stability and peace in domestic life and to establish familial relations among them are ignored and disregarded.

They should be equally honored as a woman doing a job outside. They deserve every ounce of recognition and appreciation.

A housewife deserves to be honored as much as a woman who earns her living in the marketplace. I consider bringing up children a responsible job. In fact, being a good housewife seems to me a much tougher job than going to the office and getting paid for it.
— Betty Ford —


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