Are You A Hundred Alone? How To Combat Loneliness In Old Age

There are some people around us who are more comfortable doing their own thing. They try to finish their work by themselves, they are very reluctant to work as a team. This kind of mentality is called ‘lone wolf’ or ‘lone wolf’. People of this nature love to work alone; It is not only in study or work, but also on the way, they love to walk alone. However, many people misunderstand such people. Many people assume that they cannot work with everyone. As a result, some people try to work with everyone under pressure even if they don’t want to. How to know if you are a lone wolf or a lone wolf!

Self reliance

You have immense faith in yourself. When you take on a task, you don’t need anyone else’s help to finish it; Rather, you have enough confidence that you can finish the job yourself.

You like solitude

You love to be alone or to work. Even working alone can greatly increase your work speed. It can be studying or going somewhere. Whatever you do, you like to work alone.

Likes to think independently

You like to think independently most of the time. Your thoughts are independent without worrying about social norms or pressures. You don’t allow your independent thinking to be easily swayed by other people’s opinions.

Your powers of observation are great

You are often observant of the environment and people around you. What is happening around you is very subtle. This observability helps you adapt easily to different social situations.

You know what you want

The advantage of working alone is that you are clear about your goals. You know what your mind wants and how best to do it. Work, study or friendship, your goal is always constant. That’s why you don’t back down easily.

Many people look down on the lone wolf mentality or being a loner. They are also mistaken as ‘introverts’. But that is not the case. A person who is an introvert may not be an introvert if he has a mindset of being alone or working. Maybe he likes to be alone during work. However, it is important to be careful not to be alone while working alone.


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