Business and the Future of Society

Business has become a major topic of conversation in the country and the world today. Many people look forward to the development of businesses and their impact on the economy.

A business is actually an economic activity that provides a product or service to satisfy the basic human needs.

Businesses that arose from the exchange of goods and developed from small scale to large scale through the industrial revolution have now developed into electronic businesses. Here there are businesses that are run for the purpose of profit and not for the purpose of profit and for social welfare. Also, through product manufacturing businesses and service manufacturing businesses, business ideas, events, personal and property have been developed under various product categories.

Even if people don’t think about it, society depends on business organizations. It can be likened to the foundation of a house.

They work. It gets paid. Fulfills their needs. Fulfilling basic needs is their main intention. Food, clothing, housing, education, health, safety and communication are key among them. Businesses provide goods and services that fulfill these basic human needs.

A variety of goods and services that can satisfy the ever more complex needs that vary from person to person. We buy them from the market. Money is exchanged for its value.

What started out as a small number of needs became complex over time and led to the birth of hundreds of thousands of businesses. They act to satisfy wants.

Those goods and services are used from daily consumption process to long term consumption. If these basic needs are not met, we cannot survive.

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Employment is a key economic indicator of a country. Businesses are the starting point for new jobs. Businesses have become an important part of people’s lives.

They are engaged in official activities during the scheduled hours of the day. Hard work gets paid. They cannot survive without a salary or income. Without businesses, there will be no jobs. Then people have no livelihood. They are not able to fulfill their needs and make their lives successful. This is not a one man thing. It is a matter that affects the entire society.

Businesses play no small role in a country’s economy. Tax money, which is the main income of our country, is provided through businesses. Businesses contribute to defraying government expenses by paying taxes on the profits earned by their businesses. It contributes to maintaining the activities of the economy. Businesses are the first to earn foreign exchange, export, import and finance.

In addition to businesses that provide tangible goods, even in the fields of banking, insurance, transportation, and communication that provide support services, activities are done through businesses. All fields are connected with a network and businesses. Even when coming from a small village to big cities, one can see only the businesses that are gradually getting bigger.

Here, businesses provide various benefits to the people working in their business, creating job security and making a great impact on their livelihood. Welfare activities, salary allowances, additional allowances are also among them. Minimizes the reasons for leaving the service.

It motivates them to keep them in the workplace for a long time. It improves the quality of life of people. Mental level. It makes it possible to maintain a good and clear state of mind.

Businesses make great efforts to protect the environment and fulfill social responsibilities. Competition between businesses can be seen here. The expectation of businesses in social responsibility is to act in a way that does justice to all parties in the entire society.

It is through creating quality products for its customers, owners, society as well as employees, financial accountability, creating green products, and protecting labor rights. They also follow a practice that is favorable to the environment by disposing of waste properly.

Businesses don’t forget to innovate with increasingly complex needs. These include new experiments, new product introductions, and use of new research techniques. Their ambition is to produce quality goods and services and satisfy the needs of everyone by improving the standard of living.

Acts as a responsible citizen in business society. Through that, businesses are able to influence various aspects in the society. Accordingly, business is one of the foundations for the existence of society by fulfilling complex needs and creating jobs.


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