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Why mother-in-laws cannot change herself ?

Its a Indian culture !…we hear news from everywhere that mother-in-laws cannot change her self being typical mother -in -laws  ! where she accepts her daughter -in-laws to listen her blindly without asking any questions and follow her rules without objecting a word in-front of her ..

Why after marriage a girl is being forced to do all without saying a word?

It was the first day after marriage when i was wearing sari in which i was totally uncomfortable… that it was full sunny day where i was sweating like anything ..this place (after marriage) was totally new to my body to accept such extreme heat…!  I still cannot forget those nightmares when i saw after my marriage where i was been forced to were sari in-front of my in-laws  and take Gungath throughout the day… when i said i cannot accept such extreme heat ..my body is not comfortable..my body is not accepting as i m totally sweating please let me wear comfortable dress till my body accept this environment and i can be comfortable to settle down…

I was been scolded like anything that this is your sasural…! you cannot utter a word …! you need to keep silent and listen what ever we say ..! this is not your home to wear according to your wish… dont utter a word …. just listen to us … you will have to wear sari and put the gungath in fornt of your in-laws and family thought out the day … be a good bahu and listen us….

According to her if i wear sari will i be a good bahu and if i wear dress i will not be a good bahu…?

Why Indian typical traditions are so nightmare for a new married girl to feel uncomfortable to accept where she is not happy to accept this traditions until she settle down in the new environment..!

After marriage i could not share my inside feelings to my husband..as he has only one thing to say -Pure din bhar se kam karke ghar aya hoon muhje mat bolo kuch bhi…jo bhi mummy keh thi hai accept her rather than arguing her..yeh yaha ka traditions hai..tumko maan hi hoga.. ! or else people in the society will say us bahu ko sambhal ke rakha nahi apne hisab se…! According to them more than my comfort and settling down ..they are only worried about the society (LOG KYA KAHENGE )

I was totally blank to share my inside feelings and trauma to anyone… because according to everyone around me after marriage we cannot do things according to our own …as society will not accept..we should accept things according what society needs…!

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After marriage i got to know in which typical family i came into where i cant settle down on my own ..! Where ever i went outside or been inside the home I was been forced to wear sari according to there traditions throughout day and night..!

Finally when my mind was not accepting things around me in name of traditions and society… that day was my last accept the things according to them.. I my self started wearing dresses in which i was totally comfortable in front of everyone …i did not care for anyone around me…from that day onwards I was been mentally and emotionally torture to that extend that my day and night were equal to me… then too my mind said (not to leave) keep going until you get success… I started wearing everywhere according to my comfort…! My mind and soul was happy and was accepting things and making me to settle down…!

I kept wearing  dresses according to my comfort even after having drastic daily fights with my husband,my in-laws and my own parents …!

I did not had support from my own parents… they said to accepts things according to them and live happily…!

Why society is so nightmare to every women after marriage to settle down according to them ?

Why Mother-In-laws does accept there daughter -in-law according to there comfort until they settle down..!

I m sure about the day when Mother -in-laws starts accepting her daughter-in-law to settle down on her own and letting down to give her time to accept things around her ..from that day onwards there will be drastic change in society where everyday fights would turn out to be happier days for both daughter-in-law and mother-in-law..!


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