The Peep Within

We meet and we greet, but its sad that we don’t repeat. I love and I care but how many really have time to spare!
When i sit back and think, I realised do I have time to blink?

Maybe Yes .. Maybe not!! Do you Know??

I love, I love from my entire Heart and Soul, sometimes it takes a toll.

For being strong, for being vulnerable, for being who we are, for being less understanding, for being true, for raising the bar.

Everyone judges me for what I wear, what I eat, what I say, what I don’t. Will they stand for me when I won’t, so why bother, try to stay away rather.

Pick the pieces that are scattered around places, some may fit and some may be left.

The story will unfold and situations will be great,only if you work hard and believe in fate.

I know I have changed, now I don’t expect which also means I don’t easily accept. God gave me wings to fly high, there isn’t always a plain blue sky.

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Rain will shower, winters will be chill, you may fall ill, Days may seem tough, the road may be rough, with new turns life still runs.

Try and become a better version of yourself, today, tomorrow and the day after.

Fight a few battles, if tired sit back calm and do it later. Love and relationships have different meanings, every change is a new beginning.

I have trusted and failed, learnt a lesson the hard way. Now I have new reasons for worship and pray. To trust again, to fall in love, to miss someone, to believe in yourself, to rise and fall, to succeed and fail.

I’m ready for all. I have the courage and the strength to be at peace within. It isn’t a days task, I’m still working, still struggling and never quitting.

I will Live, Laugh, Love and Learn to gather everything I wish to Earn.


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