A Father’s Love, Always With Me

A father’s love is infinite and true,

A love that’s felt in all we do,

His wisdom and guidance seen in every stride,

His strong protection ever by our side.

He taught us how to love and care,

And always be kind, honest, and fair,

His patience and understanding never-ending,

A steady rock on which we could always be depending.

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But now he’s gone, a void remains,

A pain too deep to ease the strains,

The memories held of him so dear,

Bring comfort, strength, and courage,

The way he smiled, the way he spoke,

The way he showed us how to stay afloat,

He was a friend, a mentor, a hero to us all,

His loss is felt with every breath we call.

But in his absence, we feel his presence bright,

Guiding us to walk in the path of light,

His love still shines in each of us,

And will forever be remembered in our hearts.

Though he’s left us, we have not lost him,

For in the love that he instilled within,

The lessons that he taught us day by day,

His spirit will continue to shine our way.

Dad, your memory lives on through us,

We see you in the sky, in the stars above,

The love you gave we’ll always treasure,

A never-ending bond that time can never measure.

Rest in peace, dear dad, and know,

That though you’ve left, we’ll never let you go,

For you’ve left an imprint on our hearts,

And your love and care will never depart.


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Sheru is an Indian photographer, cinematographer, writer, and entrepreneur based in New Delhi. He gained popularity with the online handle 'Sheru Photographer.' Sheru's interest in photography began at age 9, and he honed his read more...

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