The Identity Crisis

Who are you determines where you come from! Who are you also determines the way you are being treated.

People judge you no matter what. But you still try every second to prove yourself, to prove you can do better, to prove who you are, to prove where you belong.

In proving so you fight several battles, you love, you hate, you follow, you unfollow, you choose, you lose.

Every being on this earth has their own story, their own path to walk on. Everyone has a past, present and future,

To go upwards doesn’t mean you need to pull down someone. To have your space doesn’t mean you need to push away someone. To make yourself stand out of the crowd, you don’t need to prove the crowd wrong.

You can be a better version of yourself everyday. You can love yourself everyday. You can try a little harder everyday. You can live your life everyday.

You will determine who you are. Choose your friends wisely, choose your battles wisely, fight if only they are worth fighting for. Love the ones who are worth dying for.


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