Being a woman in patriarchy rules

Society has always shown us double standards when comparing life situations of women and men.


(Whatever I\\\\\\\’m writing down won\\\\\\\’t affect the ladies who have a privileged life, so excuse me. )


The life of a (normal, yet common)woman ( i meant, a wife) who lives in our society, itself starts with a morning rule. She.. She should be the one who has to wake up early in the morning holding a heap of responsibilities and commitments on her shoulder. No matter what, if it\\\\\\\’s okay for her or not.


Society has implemented some unwritten(unseen, yet forced to follow )  rules for women.


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Rule no.1


Early to rise in the morning and to cook the dishes for the family is HER (only) own responsibility.


What if, if he does the same?


so-called Society screams \\\\\\\”NO\\\\\\\” It\\\\\\\’s her responsibility.


Rule no.2


She must give his morning coffee at his space, maybe he\\\\\\\’s sleeping under a blanket or sitting on a chair at the verandah of the house.


What happens, if he comes to the kitchen and pours tea from the kettle by himself?


Oh…NO.. It Shouldn\\\\\\\’t happen, it\\\\\\\’s her responsibility.


Rule no. 3


Meanwhile, she has to prepare breakfast for the family. in between, if kids wake up, she must run to them, get them done their brushing, bathing and make get ready them for their schooling.




Does anything happen to his masculinity if he does help on the kid\\\\\\\’s part?


\\\\\\\”NO\\\\\\\” Kids should be taken care of by mothers only.


Rule no.4


Again back to kitchen and work. She has to take care of his parents. She should provide their medicines on time. she should conserve their favourable matters in her daily life.


They are his parents, right? can\\\\\\\’t he look after them?


NO, how is it possible, he married her to look after his parents too.


Rule no………….. It never ends, ladies.


So decide do we have to live for him or ourselves..?


©️ Murshida Parveen


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