Pathaan Is A Statement That Love Triumphs Over Hatred…

The fact that million well wishers are praying for Shahrukh Khan and his film, against a handful of naysayers goes on to prove his magnificence.

Pathaan isn’t a great movie, but what needs to be reiterated is how the undisputed king of Bollywood (why stop at that, in fact globally) is back to grasp his reign over generations – past, present and the ones to come.

For the last 4 years Shahrukh Khan has dealt with dire situations like unwarranted hatred, worst of humiliations, a “well deliberated” conspiracy to harass his son which obviously percolated to his entire family who remained traumatized yet kept their lips pursed and heads held in dignity.

The release of Pathaan is perhaps the best form of catharsis that Shahrukh Khan and all his well wishers have felt. This is no film, it’s an answer to those who showered unaccounted hatred that remained camouflaged in extreme jingoism which is steadily creeping through the Indian terrain. Thus, the film and its success would remain a personal victory for all of us.

Pathaan as its trailer promises, is cheesy, extremely ostentatious, yet it helps in uniting millions with the promise that love eventually triumphs over hatred. The film is a befitting response to a collective conjecture that “it won’t even last”, from before its release. How wrong this was proved to be!

Perhaps in the history of this country no film has been debated as much as this one

Rarely do we come across movies whose release has become much more important than its eventual performance. It’s no longer a film but a battle towards a truly tolerant India that’s free from hatred and bullying.

Of late the culture of boycott has become an integral part of this Indian art form wherein somewhere in an erstwhile Indian state, some political party or leader has baseless objections towards a star or their films. Pathaan too wasn’t spared here; Deepika Padukone’s saffron bikini was the bone of contention for many as if it were a direct attack on the majoritarian religion. Such actions are propelled by an unnecessary frenzy on Twitter and other social media platforms. This began when Aamir Khan had remarked about an intolerant India in 2015. There’s been no looking back for these perpetrators since then.

Such meaningless social media trials are followed by a slump in the box office numbers where films and their actors are admonished even before their artwork hits the theaters.

Having regaled the country and the overseas for over three decades a real star like Shahrukh Khan does not need to be snubbed when he speaks up for himself or his fellow countrymen. His idealistic approach towards embracing all kinds of religion and their practitioners is seen as a mere show off whereas the truth is he’s far from those who portray pseudo-patriotism behind the garb of promoting Islamophobia.

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The fact that million well wishers are praying for Shahrukh Khan and his film, against a handful of naysayers goes on to prove his magnificence. His contribution towards the film industry in India and abroad cannot be denied. Perhaps he remains the sole star who has managed to retain this amount of love and reverence that none can claim.

But Khan has had his share of receiving brickbats often due to his comments about the growing intolerance in India. This has eventually made him the target of most of the Hindu right-wing groups. Unfortunately most of his image is anchored around his religious identity in a country like ours.

Whether Pathaan salvages Shahrukh Khan’s old magic on the screen is something for time to tell but looking at the early box office collections one can be sure that we can definitely look forward to another 30 years from this icon. For in a world of hatred, despair and some harsh realities, Khan’s image is a source of awe, escape and entertainment.

As a die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan I remain giddy with excitement to see what else he unravels in the years to come.

While India remains divided by different political opinions and viewpoints, Shahrukh Khan’s magic, grandeur and stardom grows in leaps and bounds. And this remains in the fact that even at 57 he can continue to unite so many of us in his smiles and his stories. After all he remains the real representation of the magical “Kinstugi” that continues to seal our broken sense of culture with his wry jokes and open arms.

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