Congratulations Alia — And Sorry About The Appalling Trolling Of You And Your Baby!

What business do we have with trolling Alia and Ranbir for having their baby 7 months after marriage? Don’t we have our children to think of?

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor became proud parents of a baby girl. But instead of congratulating the star couple or just minding our own business, all we noticed was that the child made her grand entry just seven months post their marriage. The couple was trolled mercilessly and name-called as well for conceiving a child out of wedlock.

I wonder why we want to have a say in someone’s personal business. I was thinking about the absurdity of the situation when I remembered the hit song from the 1972 film ‘Amar Prem’. Rajesh Khanna in his trademark poignant grin with eyes laced with unfathomable emotion lip-synced to the popular Kishore Kumar number, Kuch tho log kahenge… logon ka kaam hai kehna…

This strangely applies to our breed even today.

How is it any of our business?

Why are we concerned about a star kid who is a product of two star kids who made hay when the sun shined? They have what it takes to raise a kid, married or not. They have strong family support (let’s not talk of values), an enviable bank balance, and Alia has age on her side.

These are enough for a child in today’s times and criteria. It can get her a full-time well-qualified nanny who can act like a pseudo-parent, and get her into a top Mumbai school run by Nita Ambani which boasts of a glitterati alumnus. They have the clout to get her into the nepotic brigade and launch her into films with the help of certain Godfathers… so, long story short, the kid is set for life.

And it’s we common folks who are only concerned about her time of conception. Why? Are we fortune tellers (no offence to the clout)? Don’t we have our children to think of? Their futures amidst cutthroat competition? Don’t we need to have that retirement planning in place or upgrade that health insurance? I haven’t even started on bad loans to pay back… We are so busy struggling that we barely spend time with our children born as scheduled!

People, look at your own children’s futures first!

We don’t care if our child is glued to the screen while eating or uses up the playtime to enjoy that Peppa Pig series. We don’t care that our children’s developments have been stalled due to the pandemic and our apathy. They are facing greater challenges than roti, kapda, makaan

Our children now face peer pressure even more because of social media influence. Digital bullying has been taken to newer heights and we aren’t even aware of how our children meander the virtual world. Their mental health has taken a nosedive.

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We were blessed to have no major exposure growing up unlike the kids today. We were fortunate for our parents’ imposed blinders that helped us stay on track.

Unfortunately, our children are absolute Alices in their wonderland and many are the Red Riding Hoods who are clueless about the evil wolf lurking around the corner.

And yet, all we are concerned about is Alia’s full-term baby was out seven months post-marriage!

Image source: Alia Bhatt Instagram 

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