Jugjugg Jeeyo Shines A Light On MILs & DILs Who Truly Hold Each Other Up

Jugjugg Jeeyo highlights that not only as mothers or daughters but as women too, we need to uplift each other, to encourage each other, to empower each other...

Dear Geeta and Naina,

Your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo has brought out a vital message and a hidden aspect of our Indian social setup – something that was unique and surprising in the storyline of this movie.

In this world of patriarchy, where we see our women bowing down to romance and it’s responsibilities, thank you for highlighting that not only as mothers or daughters but as women too we need to come up, to uplift each other, to encourage each other, to empower each other, to protect each other from every instance of abuse, disrespect and insult.

The support given by just being there for each other sometimes takes over the entire state of affairs. We indeed deserved to be cared for and loved.

Even when our men choose to be disloyal, instead of shielding or ignoring them, we have to be firm to not only put them in their places but teach them to be grateful for what they are blessed with in life.

Geeta, thank you for coming out stronger even when the addiction of your relationship was hard to quit. It was indeed tough to choose your heart but that distinguished you in every form.

Even if alone, you were brave enough to survive without having the fear of being judged by the society and that makes your mere presence beautiful. You giving an open choice to your daughter-in-law to exit a relationship or to give it a chance was how we want this world to run. Your overwhelming love and care conquered the show.

Naina, gratitude for always being with your mother-in-law, come what may. You just redefined the rules of this relationship for audiences to learn from. Your top notch business woman attitude makes you brave enough to conquer every hurdle and that’s how you empower each woman who watched you on the big screen.

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Thank you for staying true to your word and appreciating your achievements even when no one else did, you were your greatest cheerleader. Your choosing your career over the need to make a baby made you no less of a woman. There was more to you than just being a mother.

You have both set an example for women to watch and learn from.

Thank you.

From a Naina aspiring to have a mother-in-law like Geeta.

First published here.

Top image is a screengrab from the movie

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