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Have you seen her? I've lost her somewhere on this way. It's been an hour before I realised that she had been lost somewhere in the woods.

Have you seen her? I’ve lost her somewhere on this way. It’s been an hour before I realised that she had been lost somewhere in the woods.

I don’t know how am I going to go through this trauma. I can’t return or continue my journey without her.

But I remember very well that when we had set out for the trip, she was so desperate. Also, she behaved so furiously to hide something that others shouldn’t know.

I said to her umpteen times, “Dear if you are not feeling well… let’s postpone this to some other day.” But she was the one who compelled me to go with this.

Her longing for swarming up into the deeper woods had brought me up here.

Deep inside there she had buried a lot of dreams which is never going to materialize.

I assured her that let’s sort it out and let us fulfil our ambitions. We packed our minds along with the luggage.

But now I’m scared to step out a single step in her absence.

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She was the one who stayed beside me in all my old good and bad days.

She was my inner strength. My guiding star who deviates me from sinful paths.

And she had genuinely helped me in sorting out how to behave at crucial stages of my life. It worked well too.

Now, in her absence, I can feel my strength has been lost somewhere.

My palpitations had increased. My visions are blurred. I can’t stand firm without her support.
I tried so hard to move on without her presence.

My patience had reached its limits. I decided to go find and search for her. Without leaving a trace of her shade, she had left me behind by swallowing my expectations.

I was running around and my quench for thirst increased enormously. I stepped towards a lake and dived my face into it.

The water which flowed through my oesophagus was sweet. So once again I tried diving in, but suddenly I saw her in my reflection on the lake.

I realised it was my soul whom I was searching for these hours.

Image Credits: Jen Johnsson on Pexels

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