Society Has Always Tried To Frame Every Individual

The essence of living is not limited to our self. The Rules to Happiness may not be confined to step wise instructions, it may come randomly.

The essence of living was not limited to basic definition of who we are in the society.

The society has always tried to frame us, created a specific stage where many rules govern us.

Are we born to be confided in those small prisons of countless commandments?

By adhering to those rules we stay safe, we stay within those organized boundaries.

But beyond those thousand prisms there are hopes, dreams, aspirations, passion and identity that are grand, authentic, true and real.

The Rules to Happiness may not be confined to step wise instructions, it may come randomly.

We raise children, we shape them, we contour their future, their identity, their vison, their thoughts but as parents have we ever thought of shattering many myths that we teach them.

Why is it a universal rule to fit all, why not customize it to individuals?

What makes us teach them? The lineage follows of not allowing to question, the tradition of believing that whatever has been taught cannot be unlearned.

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From God to death, from marriage to virginity, from sexual orientation to body basics, from bearing children to sex, from choosing life skills to breaking stereotypes, have we ever twisted the tweaks? From Religion to race, from caste to creed, from singlehood to parenthood, from life goals to inner conflicts, from strength to weakness.

Can we, will we, do we?

As parents and as society have we ever cross checked about why and how things have evolved.

And if taking into consideration many ideas and belief system that has been followed could have been modified can bestow happiness that we are all seeking for then why can’t we adjust it.

The gender roles that are played in society, we may find it faulty. We talk about body shaming specifically for women, we talk about gender atrocities, but have we thought of finding the same pedestal to keep the two genders at the same stratum from the start, at home, within ourselves. The cracks begin here somewhere near us, we suffer, we complain but do we take a step forward to modify it even if it doesn’t harm anyone but ourselves.

The girl may not feel good to wax her hair on her legs and stubbornly wear shorts as it sensed ease

The sense of ease was same for both men and women

But the warped up rituals of between the two gender comes to the rescue…The man can carry it, aesthetically the women may be usurer.

But why?

The right to feel happiness is equal

Why would a dark skinned girl apply fairness crème, if she feels happy with her skin tone? Will judgements stay off if she keeps it just the way she desired.

Why not happiness is left to stay as independent without diffusing it with the intervention of what our society has parceled for us.

Why being a gay or a lesbian was more of a societal choice and not an individual entity?

Why choosing to remain unmarried is counterattacked by failings of not getting a partner, why not a choice.

Why remaining a single mom is imprinted as a failing character

Why choosing to be happy is the last liberty

Isn’t it our birth right?

Our freedom lies in choosing, our strength lies in not killing our soul, our passion.

Let our daughters, let our kids grow, let our next generation have their say about choice, choice to live, to grow, to own profession, to understand sex, to blossom as individuals irrespective of gender…to live choose what one believes without losing conscience

Let the guardhouse have those little windows to see the beautiful sky.

Image Source: Still from the movie Pagglait

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