From Men Served Food First To Songs Like ‘Gandi Baat’, STOP Tolerating These 14 Things NOW!

From a mother hiding the fact that her son molested a girl to hiding the fact that her daughter was molested by a man! Why are we against our daughters?

From the honorific (Miss/Mrs/Mr) used before your name to your biological sex associated with your promotional fame,

From a husband beating his wife to the wife tolerating and trying to hide the same,

From the males of your family being served first to the females accepting that’s how it’s supposed to be,

From a mother hiding the fact that her son molested a girl to hiding the fact that her daughter was molested by a man,

From expecting the females of your house to cry on someone’s demise to humiliating the males for showing any emotional signs (except, of course, for playing the role of an angry young man that Bollywood and our society so cleverly and systematically painted him to be),

From choosing soft colours and buying dolls for your baby girl to always treating her like one(weak, insignificant, opinionless),

From, Chaand si mehbooba ho meri kb, aisa maine socha tha
Ha, tum bilkul waisi ho, jaisa maine socha tha (a song reducing women to bodies and objectifying them) still being a love song to ABCD padh li bahut,
Thandi aaheein bhar li bahut, Acchi baatein kar li bahut, Ab karunga tere saath…Gandi baat…Gandi gandi, gandi gandi, gandi baat… (a song normalising stalking and openly giving rape threats for not agreeing to what a ‘man’ has to say) being the party anthem of the nation,

From teaching your daughter how to cook to depriving your son of the same because cooking is labelled as a ‘wife skill’ and not a ‘life skill’,

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From mentally and emotionally torturing a woman to get pregnant against her will  to aborting the female child or killing her right after birth,

From sanskari bahu to abla naari,

From Bhaidooj (girls worshipping their brothers) to Karwa Chauth (wives worshipping their husbands),

From teaching ‘appropriate’ length of the skirt in schools to a girl stepping out wearing jeans being killed by society’s goons,

From, for the males, smoking and drinking being mere health hazards to everything a girl does being the display of her family’s sanskar,

From sons demanding every last bit of family’s property to daughters not asking for their share,

Patriarchy is everywhere!

Image source: a still from Special Meals/That One Minute, YouTube (for representational purpose only)

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