Believe Me, Raising Children Is Anything But Fun!

Why aren’t children given an amiable and conducive environment at home to pour their hearts out to their parents? Why?

TW// Violence/Murder

A startling piece of news information in the year 2017 that shook the human out of me was a 16 year old brutally killing a 7 year old for a reason still unfathomable, and later showing no remorse for his heinous actions!

Yes, I am referring to the Ryan International School, Gurugram scenario, wherein a child got brutally murdered in broad daylight and for months the investigating department officers had no clue as to how to approach further. But as they say, truth finds its way and so it did in this case when the entire nation woke up to the news of the real convict who by his age happened to be a minor but unlike so by his actions.

The case of young Pradyuman getting brutally murdered within school premises, makes us question the safety and security of our children. The case being one of its kind did send a chill down our spines, leave alone make us brood over the death of an innocent life which was yet to bloom!

The case and its convict raised a lot of questions about the parental guidance that we give our children. The 16 year old boy showed absolutely no signs of being alarmed or hassled he maintained his calm well all through the proceedings. The verdict is still in the process despite it being over 4 years now; and no matter what happens, can little Pradyuman be brought back to life? Can his parents lead a normal life? These are questions that are yet to be deciphered!

The concern that I voice is, where are we going wrong in the upbringing of our children that they resort to such actions; why are more and more teenagers/young adults getting entangled in vicious mazes? Why are parents unaware of the mental health of their children? Why is the importance of mental well-being a discussion that’s done in hushed tones still in India? Why aren’t children given an amiable and conducive environment at home to pour their hearts out to their parents? Why do parents still draw parallels to their neighbor’s child with their own?

Unless we have answers to most of these questions, there would still be cases wherein innocence would be lost repeatedly and we would only cry over spilled milk!

Parents, rather than handing down expensive gifts to their children should be physically and emotionally supportive to them. They should allow their children to make mistakes but also teach them to learn from these mistakes. Parents need to give their children their time and their presence. They should encourage healthy discussions about topics that are the need of the hour rather than shoving it under wraps. They should inculcate the need for becoming responsible individuals rather than aiming towards affluence and an ostentatious lifestyle.

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Parenting isn’t a mean task; it’s a conscious decision to bring a life into this world and also nurture them into choosing the right from the wrong, teaching them the value of people in their lives and also making them realize how mistakes would be an integral part of this journey but one cannot give up. So it sure is hilarious and to a certain extent ridiculous when someone says, “have children, having them is fun” because rearing and caring for a new being isn’t fun at all, it is more of accountability. It’s a task that one chooses for a lifetime.

Children are like clay, they take the shape of what we adults wish to mold them into. Hence we adults/parents should be extremely careful in charting out the right path for them. This path may not lead to riches, high grades, or even material possessions but this path should certainly need to take them to become better human beings! And trust me, while you are at it you must know that this journey has no destination!

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