Do Not Miss Out On The Best Friend A Married Woman Can Have – Your Sister In Law

Having a sister-in-law can be a blessing if we outgrow the stereotype that women can’t be friends. She can be your greatest support as you enter the new household after marriage.

Having a sister-in-law can be a blessing if we outgrow the stereotype that women can’t be friends. She can be your greatest support as you enter the new household after marriage.

The sister-in-law is perhaps the most important woman in your married life. It’s a known stereotype that women in the husband’s family can make or break your life. The possibilities of them being the villains in your story is high. Hence, you despise or dread them.

Or, so the movies and stories have portrayed consistently. These representations have pushed us into narrow mindsets. But, it’s high time we change it.

By the time we marry, it’s crucial that we are mature enough to leave behind our acquired stereotypical thoughts about the new relationships we enter. Marriage is not about just marrying your partner. It is also about becoming a part of each other’s family.

The best relationship a woman can have with a person from her husband’s family would be her sister-in-law. Wait, are you astonished ?

It is understandable because for generations together we have been made to believe the relationship between a woman and her sister-in-law is something like that of cat and rat. But we fail to see that they can build a much needed strong friendship!

Get to know your sister-in-law without any prejudice

Entering a relationship with prejudices makes sure that the relationship won’t sustain. So, keep them aside. Give your sister-in-law a fair chance. Look back at your friendships with other women – how did they begin?

You might have given those women chances to become your friends. It’s that simple. Do the same with your sister-in-law as well.  If you both vibe well, then it will become the greatest friendship in your married life.

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Your sister-in-law can be the guide in your new household

Upon marriage, it might be extremely difficult to start a life from scratch in an already established household. Your husband might help but his support might not be sufficient when it comes to adjusting to the environment.

The sister-in-law can be a great support in the early days as a new daughter-in-law. She can guide you through the workings of the household. It can be awkward to go to the elders in the family, including the mother-in-law, for help. So, your sister-in-law can be your go-to person.

She might even let you know the family secrets for you to handle the people and household better.

She is the friend you need on a bad day

You might have had a fight with your husband or mother-in-law. When you make friends with your sister-in-law, she will lift up your mood. You can vent in front of her, and she will go to the extent of standing up to the entire family when needed.

She can be your partner-in-crime when you want to try something new and interesting. She can be the company you need during shopping. You can share fashion opinions and girl talks. You can always rely on her to be there for you.

You sister-in-law will allow you into her world too

Friendship is a two-way street. You sister-in-law will begin to look up to you, and rely on you. She might have been closer to her brother, but now, she might come to you with her problems. She will want your opinion on everything that’s happening in her life.

This relationship forged with trust and sharing will become a support system for both of you. This friendship might be the talk of the family. It might even make your husband a little jealous. But, he’ll be happy to see a healthy and fun friendship between the two women he loves.

It is a pretty picture, isn’t it? But we don’t let it happen because we are often unable to let go of what the world has conditioned us to believe. It is essential that we become aware and stop bringing prejudices to our relationships. Being open can give us a very happy friendship with our sister-in-law.

Let’s not miss out on this amazing friendship by listening to the patriarchal voices of myth and stereotypes.

Image source: a still from the series Aggabai Sasubai

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