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Hold Your Head High, Ups And Downs Are Just A Part Of Life!

This is a real story, a success story, of my neighbor. I strongly feel her journey will inspire many women and empower them with confidence and a promise of better tomorrow.

This is a real story, a success story, of my neighbor. I strongly feel her journey will inspire many women and empower them with confidence and a promise of better tomorrow.

Many times the successful people we come across are not pre-defined or specially gifted with accomplishments. They are like you and me who pray for a green signal so that they can reach on time, or hate to miss solving that day’s sudoku. They too were in the dumps when their pizza gets bitten off even before it reaches their table. It is just that when a day is wasted with unforeseen set-backs, these people don’t give up. Instead, they pick up trivial pieces and turn them around for a whole new opportunity and a fresh start. My neighbour was just that and more.

Rritu, an enthusiastic, young and doting mother managed her career competently while being a good- Samaritan-resident of her society. She brightened at each morning sunray as it winked at her through her top floor bedroom corner window. She loved standing there for a while. It was her- time-her-place thing with that window.  When her corporate head office in Delhi had underwent a revamp, Rritu found her work place relocated in the newly developed city sub-urbs. Now the commuting distance had increased to a painstaking lot. Soon Rritu realized that the endless hours of driving, travelling and then draining every ounce of energy to the corporate company was not a long-term solution. Not willing to give up, she worked her way around to those companies who have flexible working hours. Still commuting consumed a lot of time. She hates to compromise on her priorities, but, literally, she was stretching every single minute of her day and every single ounce of her energy to tick off her to-do-list. In the midst of all this, she realized that everyone around her is troubled, by something or the other, in their lives.

Her co passengers, colleagues, neighbours, domestic helper, her best friend, everyone, in their day-to-day trials and tribulations, had some plight or the other. Irrespective of their age, she found people are worried, unhappy and troubled. She told them, ups and downs are bound to happen. ‘Try a fresh perspective, a broader outlook and suggested a different approach to their problems’. Just like a half glass of water is either half full or half empty, problems may not be a serious concern if looked at from a different angle.  And that’s exactly what happened. People came back to her telling, ‘it worked!’. Now, she started to think seriously. Slowly, one after the other she equipped herself with courses on positive therapies like human psychology, tarot cards, numerology, astrology, crystal healing. Then, she went public with her skills and started helping people on various platforms.

Her counsels are life changing. While she is an easy person to open up and talk to, she always has this insight to sense the core of the problem. She always gets to the bottom of the problem and suggests easy, practical ways to come out of it. Students, young working men and women alike, couples, worried parents, people caught up in midlife crisis, broken hearts, everyone who reached her, got positive results. They got a whole new liaison in their lives.

Knowledge is power. But when coupled with compassion, the rewards are very humane and a positive step towards making this a better society for everyone.

Live life to the fullest!

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