10 Things Each Of Us Can Do To Cope With This Second Wave Of COVID-19

It's a pandemic out there, but each one of us can do our bit to control the rising number of cases and flatten the curve.

It’s a pandemic out there, but each one of us can do our bit to control the rising number of cases and flatten the curve.

As we all know that there has been surge in COVID-19 cases as second wave of pandemic has hit hard the whole country.

There is sharp increase in cases since mid March and more than 3 lakh active cases were reported yesterday. Hospitals are running out of bed and oxygen cylinders.

The vaccine drive is going in full flow across the country but has not proven to be 100% effective against the virus. People have been infected even after being vaccinated. Many states have imposed a lockdown and stringent rules to curb the increasing count.

As the proverb says, ‘Together we stand and divided we fall’. If we fight together, we will win the battle against COVID-19. For this we all have to follow the guidelines issued by govt and follow precautionary measures like social distancing,wearing masks in public and sanitization.

Here are a few protocols which each of us should follow in this adverse situation.

Stay at home

Try to be at home and step out only if it is very essential. Avoid going to the market as frequently as usual. Plan your purchases, and buy enough to stock up for the week or fortnight. Only for essentials that are required despite this planning, order online, as a last resort.

Wearing a mask in public

Use mask in public places all the time. Wash the mask after use and keep it in a clean place.

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Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise

Use a spray to sanitise the door bell, door handle, door mats as it come in contact with all those people who visit  your house. Keep washing your hands frequently.

Also wash your clothes with dettol. Clean bathroom floors with bleaching powder.

Basic Medicines

Keep set of basic medicines handy, for symptomatic care. Please do not hoard medicines.

Vegetable wash/ vinegar is your friend

Clean the vegetables and fruit with any vegetable wash product before storing or use. You can wash your daily milk packets with this too, before opening them.

Keep your immunity high

I drink a home made ‘kadha’ daily; it has medicinal values that improve immunity. Use ginger, pepper and tulsi leaves, and add a cup of water. Boil it till the colour of the water changes. make and drink it daily.

Summer is round the corner but still cut down on having too many cold food products, as much as you can.

Consume food high in citric acid and zinc, both known to help with immunity.

Care of body and mind

Yoga and Meditation are proven to help you for healthy mind and body. Do it regularly. Listening to music can also relax your mind and create some positive energy around you.

In this uncertain and tough times, when many of our friends and family are in a difficult situation, we need to be calm and strong to deal with the situation.

Prioritisation of safety

If you have kids, senior citizens, pregnant women or people in family suffering from any other ailment, take special care of them.

Vaccination is key

Get yourself and your family vaccinated at the earliest, as per the norms issues by the government. Even after getting vaccinated keep following the basic precautions protocols.

Do not panic

If you feel any COVID related symptoms, don’t panic. Quickly isolate yourself and get the tests done at the earliest.

Stay Home Stay Safe! Together we will fight out the Pandemic!

Image source: aguler on pixabay

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