Top Qualities Of CEO

There are a few powerful and unique traits these people possess that have paved the way for their success.

There are a few powerful and unique traits the CEOs possess that have paved the way for their success.

Some of the most influential people like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, Jamie Dimon are the most respected, looked upon, and powerful people. They are the ones who create a strategy, a vision and communicate it effectively. They are the ones who build a team and make sure the company executes the plan and has enough capital. They are none other than the CEOs. The chief executive officer of a company is the much appreciated, celebrated, and authoritative person of any organization. There are a few powerful and unique traits these people possess that have paved the way for their success.


Managing their EGO: They are wise people and know how to manage their EGO. Of course, they are determined people with some EGO without which they would have been able to reach the position they are currently in.

Touch of humility: They care for their people and always consider the people around them before making crucial decisions. They are generous and have a touch of humility.

Delegation: Delegating tasks is something that is a must-have leadership quality and our top CEOs are excellent in that. They are extremely driven and keep the team going.

Practices of CEO


Staying pessimistic all the time is quite impossible for anyone. They do stay a pessimistic maximum of the time and are self equipped to handle negativity and comfortable in confronting contradictions. A positive mental attitude is something that takes a long time to develop and retain. These people are great role models for us to aspire and learn to hold a positive mental attitude. Their goal-directed behavior is one of the crucial ingredients to their recipe of success. They are good leaders and not bosses which has a significant difference. They concentrate on being productive rather than being busy. Gary Miliefsky, CEO of SnoopWall, shares his habit of kicking his day off with a strong positive attitude and gratitude.

Unique ideas:

Thinking out of the box is another innovative trait these powerful men and women have developed. They always provide creative and highly efficient ideas to resolve any issue A great example of this is the outrageous ideas proposed by Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. He believes and is religiously working in bringing his ideas like colonizing Mars and making space tourism possible through his organization Spacex which is too close to make this a reality.

Great at asking questions:

Asking questions is great but a lot of people are good at this, what makes the CEOs stand out is that they are great at asking the right question that solves the bigger issue or resolves most of the issues providing a clearer solution. This is something they excel in.

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They keep upskilling, learning, exploring, and raising their standards. They are always prepared to widen their horizons. They never stop learning and always want more. Michael Bruch, the founder and the CEO of Willow believes that feeling informed is important. He says he manages to spend at least an hour enjoying the technological news on Twitter.

Build allies:

They always build strong allies and ready to work together to create a win-win situation. They are multilingual. This doesn’t mean they speak different languages. They very well know how to speak to people of different cadre. They always speak appropriately and differently with their family, employees, salesperson, ambassador, and the media.

Self-analyzing themselves periodically:

They are organized, have a fixed schedule, and religiously follow that. They are aware that their strengths have bought them to this peak yet they are self-aware of their weaknesses and work to fix them. They are also aware of what they don’t know which is significant to improve and enhance themselves and work in their betterment constantly. Adaptability is another great quality they have, they can adapt to changes quickly and they welcome changes.

Health is wealth:

They realize the importance of their health and ensure they maintain good physical and mental health. They watch what they eat. They always take their meals on time besides their busy schedule. They make their health a priority. They also maintain good and sound mental well being by practicing meditation. They always have a separate space where they do not think about their job, relax, and refresh themselves. They are physically active. They practice yoga, workout, play a sport, cycle, or just walk consistently.

Welcome changes:

They are always open to changes and welcome them with a positive attitude. They are always ready to try new things and easily adapt to the changes. Acceptance is a notable quality we need to pick up from these great icons. Acceptance helps them to face challenges easily.

Spend time on their hobbies:

The secret to their efficiency and success is that they are balanced and work on keeping their mind fresh and preparing for big events by allotting time regularly to pursue the hobbies that make them happy, inspires, and helps them be productive. Focusing on another activity for a particular duration will help them declutter their mind and when they get back to work they take their fresh and stress-free minds.


“A task well begun, is well done”. Punctuality is such a critical quality yet difficult to practice. These people have mastered the art of being punctual and they utilize their time effectively.


There are a lot of common qualities between successful CEOs yet not all are the same. They have these qualities in different yet right proportions . We all look at their fame now but is a lot of hard work and behind these success stories. Though they are special in their way these are some of the qualities possessed by the top CEOs.

Image source: Pixabay

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