5 Mulled Wine Recipes To Ring In The Festive Season This Winter!

With the onset of winter, we have 5 yummy mulled wine recipes to bring in the festive season and surprise your family while staying warm!


With the onset of winter, we have 5 yummy mulled wine recipes to bring in the festive season and surprise your family while staying warm!

The season of merrymaking and festivities is almost here. Even if you have to skip the grand New Year’s Eve party due to the pandemic, the mood for festivities wouldn’t cease. So, on Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, or any wintry day, you can make the winter favourite mulled wine yourself.  Here are some mulled wine recipes to effortlessly whip it up and surprise your close ones on those cold lazy days.

Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is a warm alcoholic drink, popular during Christmas, is usually based on red wine. For perfectly concocting the mulled wine recipes mentioned below, you can buy the mulling spices prepackaged. Or make them yourself with a combination of various spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and Jamaican pepper, among others.

German mulled wine

Also known as Gluehwein, this traditional German drink is immensely popular during Christmas. It is a sweet and spicy liquid for you to sip at, with the base of red wine.

This German mulled wine recipe has remained pretty much the same over the centuries since it was first documented in history in as early as 1420. The spices you can combine include cinnamon, star anise, cloves and vanilla, sweetened with sugar.

Did you know the German word Gluehwein directly translated to ‘glow wine’ in English? So here’s the mulled wine recipe for you to glow in joy when you’ve perfected making it!

Swedish mulled wine

The Nordic states call their variant of mulled wine Glogg. One of the reasons glogg is so popular in Sweden is the fact that it is an excellent pre-noon beverage.

Historically it was named after Hippocrates and was said to have healing effects. By 1800s, it came to have its current name. In addition to the red wine and spices, sometimes vodka or brandy, too, is mixed and then heated at 60-70-degree Celsius.

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Here’s one of the Swedish mulled wine recipes for you to try!

Italian mulled wine

In Italy, too, mulled wine is a particular favourite among its people. The sweet, fragrant drink is called vin brule in Italy, which literally translates to ‘burnt wine’

This hot drink with liberal amounts of butter and apple mixed while brewing, makes for a perfect drink in the December cold, here or in Italy. Let the festivities at your home begin with this Italian mulled wine recipe.

Indian mulled wine

Though mulled wine is very widely loved in European countries and has found a way into tropical countries, as well. These countries sometimes adapted it to suit their climate and consumers better.

The Indian variant of the mulled drink is an example, which is made by keeping it just under simmering level for under 10 minutes. Here’s one of the spiced Indian mulled wine recipes for you!

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

For the kids at home, or anyone looking for a non-alcoholic beverage, this is a perfect warm, fruity drink for the winter months. Use apple, grape, pomegranate or blackberry juice and spices. And you can have this drink any time of the same with the same warmth and no alcohol!

Click right here to make a non-alcoholic mulled wine!

This winter, use any of these mulled wine recipes to make the yummy drink for yourself or your friends! But make sure you enjoy it without flouting any of the COVID-19 guidelines and while staying safe!

Picture credits: Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

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