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Your Ultimate Guide To Set Up a Beauty Routine And Achieve Glass Skin!

Nine proven products and ways to achieve that clear and supple "glass skin" which all of us desire!

Have you ever wondered how do Korean women have such youthful and flawless skin? You can barely see a freckle and their skin radiates such a glow. If you’ve ever seen a K-pop music video or a Korean drama, you know exactly what I’m talking about. People around the world often quote the quality of their skin as “glass skin”. What it literally means is, having luminous, healthy and flawless skin. The K-beauty industry talks a lot about making your skin plumped with a boost of hydration, almost translucent like glass. From Vogue to Cosmo, K-beauty is talked about all over the world. It’s known for its innovative formulations, unique ingredients and flat lay-ready packaging.

While, to achieve glass skin K-beauty brands such as The Face Shop, Innisfree have a lot to offer, we figured out the best way as to how you can get similar results at home.

Korean Skincare traditionally involves 8-12 steps of skincare. It involves deep double cleansing, toner, essence, serums, eye cream, sunscreen, moisturizing and more. Although, you don’t necessarily need to do all twelve steps as its definitely too much! You can follow this at day and at night, or just once a day. And needless to say, you can add and eliminate steps and settle on the kind of products that suit your skin the best.

So, here is a simple routine you can follow with some tried and tested product recommendations for all skin types. Let’s get started!

1.    Make-up remover

Taking off your makeup on time, especially before you go to bed is the most essential part of your skincare routine. Sometimes, we all tend to get indolent and sleep with our makeup on. But trust me, this is the worst you can do to your skin. The makeup clogs all your pores and can cause acne and other skin issues. Do not resort to wet wipes and cotton pads and they sometimes are harsh on your skin and cause a lot of wastage. A clean canvass is a must before you start with your skincare.

Talking about a more economical way to remove your make up is to use a makeup remover balm. You can try out Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm. Massage it all over your face and neck to break the makeup down. It is extremely satisfying I must say!

Another way which can be a great choice for all skin types is Coconut oil. Take some oil on your palm and mix in a few drops of water and massage your face with it to melt all the makeup.

2.     Cleanser

Koreans are all praise for double cleansing to get a squeaky-clean look. After removing your makeup, the next step is to cleanse your face using a foaming face wash that cleans your pores. Korean skincare usually involves double-cleansing. The key here is to get rid of all the oil and dirt from your pores.

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We recommend you go for The Faceshop’s Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser. Rice water is one of the most used ingredients in Korean skincare as it is known to make your skin bright and clear. It also helps in eventually increasing the elasticity of your skin. This face wash is suitable for all skin types.

For an inexpensive alternative to the same, you can try Biotique’s face wash range.

3.    Toner

Layering is key here to achieving the significantly hydrated skin that’s necessary for glass skin. Toner is important to maintain the pH level of your skin. It shuts the pores and helps to tighten your skin. Many of us tend to avoid toner thinking it’s not important. However, it helps to make your skin firm so that the makeup doesn’t clog your pores and cause acne.

Take some toner on a cotton ball and softly dab it all over your skin focusing on your t-zone. While skin is still damp, use your fingers to press toner into your skin so it absorbs well.

The toner we recommend you for is the Plum’s Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner which is easily available online.

If you’re looking for an affordable and more natural option, you can also use some rose water instead.

4.    Serum

Korean beauty generally involves a lot of serums and emulsifiers. This helps to tone your skin and give a boost of hydration. It gives the kind of skin that glows from within without much effort. Glass skin is all about extremely smooth, without bumps or rough texture which serums are all for. Serums are like targeted treatments formulated to address skin concerns like wrinkles and acne. It’s like a gourmet meal feeding your skin with essential vitamins and minerals. You may have a bounty of creams on your vanity, but what you need is the one correct serum that does the exact job.

We recommend you to try out Minimalist’s Face Serums which are based on pure science and only natural ingredients. They are extremely affordable and show noteworthy results in no time!

The best part is that there is something for every skin type. For example, Apple Cider Vinegar and Glycolic acid if you have uneven skin tone and patchy skin, Salicylic Acid for blackheads and acne etc.

5.    Moisturizer

Moisturizing is another essential part of Korean skincare. It forms a protective film on your skin and prevents water from escaping and bacteria from entering into your skin. Koreans have such satiny and supple skin because they lather facial oils and creams.

Even if you have oily skin, a moisturizer is a must. You’ll want to reach for one that is lightweight yet packs maximum moisture. Constantly hydrating the skin from deep within can curb the overproduction of oil.

The moisturizer we recommend you to go for The Faceshop’s Chia Seed Moisturizer or any other product that suits your skin type.

6.    Sheet mask

The cheat hydration trick of every Korean woman! One of the best K-beauty products introduced to us has got to be sheet masks, and we can’t stop obsessing over it! It can’t be put to words how relaxing sheet masks feel. They drench your skin with hydration and moisturize it to the core. Instead of using multiple moisturizers and emulsifiers, this does the job, just as good.  On the days, when you are too lazy to use multiple skincare products, just put on a sheet mask, and you are done. These are available online in a wide variety, where they have something for every skin type. All you need do is put the sheet mask on and leave it on for not more than 20 minutes. Remove it and massage the serum thoroughly into your skin.

Some of the brands with best sheet masks are- The Face Shop and Tony Moly.

You can also prepare a DIY sheet mask at home. Sheet mask capsules are easily available on Amazon. You can dip them in some essential oils or rose water. After which you can open the mask and apply it on your face.

7.    Eye cream

It’s the signature move of every Korean woman’s beauty regime. Working or studying for late hours can result to dry patches and bags under your eyes. The area under your eyes tends to be more fragile and drier than the rest of your face. It’s important to give it some extra hydration and prevent the skin from turning dark.

Look for ingredients such as retinol, caffeine and vitamin K-1.

8.    Sunscreen

Apart from CTM, sunscreen is the most important skincare product to be used by everyone. She swears by the importance of using sunscreen-and lots of it. Avoiding this step can result in fine lines, wrinkles, brown patches and skin cancer caused by the harmful UV rays.

Even when we tend to stay indoors the UV rays from windows can affect and hence using sunscreen is paramount. You can also choose a moisturizer which has SPF in it to minimalize your skincare routine. If you tend to stay outdoors for vacations or work, and you don’t get enough time to retouch on your sunscreen every few hours, you can try out CGG spray sunscreen. You can also use it over your makeup.

9.    Lip balm

Using a lip balm in your skincare routine is an absolute no brainer. Use a lip balm rich in vitamin-E and ingredients like almond oil. The lip balm we recommend you is Vaadi Herbal Natural Lip Balm. If you’re looking for a high-end lip balm, you can try out Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask.

Remember that there is no shortcut to achieving flawless, exquisite-looking skin. Consistency and commitment are what is important to get a juicy and dewy complexion that most of us want!


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