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Is Age Really A criteria For Girls To Get Married?

The ideal age for a girl to get married girl is when she becomes independent and strong enough, not when the society tells her!

The ideal age for a girl to get married girl is when she becomes independent and strong enough, not when the society tells her!

In India, the answer of above question would be ‘yes’.

We live in a society where a girl after a certain age is asked “don’t you want to get married”,  “it’s the right time and your clock is ticking”, “aren’t your parents are concerned” and many more such awkward questions are posed in front of a girl, her parents and family.

So, what should be the ideal age to marry. After 18, after 24,after 26 or 28 and who is going to decide it.

What’s the ideal age to get married?

The ideal age for a girl is when she becomes independent and strong enough to take care of herself and not because she has reached at certain number age wise. It should happen when she meets a partner who shares the same compatibility and wavelength as hers. It shouldn’t happen as and when the social standards deem it to be fit.

Times are changing and the time has come when we must raise our daughters independently, give them best of education and teach them about finances. The statement that ‘a girl is supposed to look after a home and a man has to be responsible for earning’  will no more stand true in coming times.They will both be taking care of home, office, children and will have to bear equal responsibilities in all the aspects.

Raise your daughter to be equal, strong, independent, educated and leave the question of marriage on her to decide.

Society, family and friends are just influencers. The first and foremost and only one who has right to decide when and to whom to get married should be the woman herself.

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Its high time to twist our thinking a bit and that is to “consider marriage an option and not a compulsion”.

If you have given her wings, let her fly.

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