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Posted: September 22, 2020

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“I am scared, now aghast, will my shortcomings be broadcast. I am scared, I live in terror, and fear will remain so forever.”

I am scared, constantly in fear,

Of tigers on TV and lizards near.

I am scared, always in dread,

Also of my boss’s words unsaid.

I am scared, perennially worried,

Of garden rats long dead and buried.

I am scared, always anxious,

Also of my thoughts mildly obnoxious.

I am scared, quite perturbed,

What if he finds my pitch absurd.

I am scared, always alarmed,

To step out of home unarmed.

I am scared, now uneasy,

Isn’t the baby mildly wheezy?

I am scared, a tad concerned,

Of that creep a year ago I spurned.

I am scared, I do squirm,

At mention of worm and sperm.

I am scared, I always panic,

In traffic and mid Atlantic.

I am scared, much agitated,

This airstrip too seems ill fated.

I am scared, now aghast,

Will my shortcomings be broadcast.

I am scared, I am phobic,

Of things macro and microbic.

I am scared, I live in terror,

And fear will remain so forever.

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