The Mademoiselle At Your Office

A working mother's everyday battles at the workplace.

A working mother’s everyday battles at the workplace.

She puts a bindi and wears a saree,
But in her vacation pictures,
You can spot her in a bikini.
She wears kurti and jeans, leggings, and palazzo,
To the office because-
She chooses to be comfortable in style.

She loves walking barefoot on the green grass,
Yet she carries those high heels spot on.

She wears a scarf around her neck,
Sometimes to add taste to her boring t-shirt,
Sometimes to hide the consciousness/guilt of having breasts,
And guess what-
Sometimes it’s there just to hide her love bites.
She is not size zero,
But she is physically fitter than you are.

She might have a drink with you,
But you will not get away with slut-shaming her.
She is a friendly colleague,
But she can show you your limits.
Well, you can complain to your boss-
About her leaving early from the office,
You see unlike you she has more responsibilities,
And she doesn’t waste time during office hours.

In a way, she is more efficient than you ever are.

Well, she is a tenderhearted mother at home,
But she is a taskmaster at work.
She doesn’t mind a friendly flirt once in a while,
But she certainly knows when to stop.
She is hot but her brain is her best asset.
She wears makeup,
But even that takes art and creativity,
Not your cup of tea darling.
She loves a little attention,
But hey don’t get creepy.
She likes it when someone compliments her,
But Hey! Stop Staring.
She knows about the naughty bosses and the menacing colleagues,
But she still chooses to keep her chin up.
Even though she dons flowery silk dresses, red lipstick, open hair, and high heels,
don’t be fooled.
Those are not her weakness but her weapons.
She is a warrior with a soul made of diamonds. She is all glitters but she cannot be broken.
Image source: Pexels


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