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As She Began Her New Journey, She Knew That With Him By Her Side, She Could Conquer The World!

Posted: August 12, 2020

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And then her dad told her, ‘Always remember, we are only getting you married. Not selling you off I’m always here! And this is always your home.’

The night before the wedding was most unsettling for both of them. Especially him. He got up to have some water. But that did not cool his nerves.

Everything was as planned, every promise honoured. But he wondered why he wasn’t at peace. ‘Something’s missing,’ the nagging thought troubled him more every passing minute.

Then it hit him.

‘I’ll be there, no matter what’

He walked across the hallway and quietly opened her room. She was sleeping. Her face looked happy, the glowing face of a to-be bride. His heart melted. He sat by her bedside and slowly moved closer to kiss her forehead.

Her eyes opened. “Papa”? She looked puzzled. “Do you need anything?”

“Nothing my love! I just wanted to see my little angel, one last time before I send you on your journey of life. And there’s just one thing I want you to remember – I’m always there! Whenever you need… Wherever you need it. Okay?”

She hugged him.

“Always remember beta, hum beti bidaa kar rahe hai… Beti bech nahi rahe (we are only getting you married. Not selling you off) I’m always here! And this is always your home.”

And she knew she would always have her home

Tears rolled down her eyes. As her father left the room, she realised, of all the wedding gifts he had showered upon her, this was the most precious one.

She knew, she could travel across the world, but there was a place called ‘Home’ where she could return with any baggage. A place where she will always be accepted with open arms!

As he closed the door behind him, he smiled. The heaviness in his heart had magically disappeared. He felt at peace.

This is for all the married women who have strong fathers who stand by their sides, give them the confidence and the support to brave all storms.

A version of this was earlier published here.

Picture credits: Still from YouTube

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