Parents-The Light Of My Life

The best takeaway for me from my parents is strength of mind, and the warrior spirit to fight against all odds to live your desired life.

The best takeaway for me from my parents is strength of mind, and the warrior spirit to fight against all odds to live your desired life.

Each one of us have beautiful stories about our parents, that we hold on to tightly all our life, close to our hearts. Here is mine!

Say “Parents” and the first words that come to your mind are “Selfless unconditional love.” It’s amazing that your life feels so happy and harmonious with just the thought that someone exists in your life.

Strong pillars of love

Everyone has such people in their life. And it is a different person for everyone. For me, it has always been my parents! They have been that silent, strong support of my life, the backbone of my existence. I have thrived in this world free of worry and care, as I felt secure under this umbrella called parents. They never needed to do anything special to me. Just the thought in the back of my mind, that they were there, itself was a soothing balm to all my life’s ups and downs.

My parents had given me the space I needed while growing up. They had given me freedom with rules, let me explore anything I wanted to with a code of conduct attached, and learn everything but with discretion and awareness. In short, they gave me the wings to fly, and an ethically programmed mind to direct me on the right path. And they did this job with a commanding ease and calm! I doubt if I was or would ever be able to do this kind of composed parenting to my children.

Happy memories that defined “growing-up”

My parents have been a symbol of simplicity and peace to me. They have always maintained a harmonious environment at home. I have never heard them quarrel in front of me. Children thrive and blossom in such a pleasant atmosphere.

I remember all those school rides, dinner table conversations, leisure outings, the journeys, the early morning routines during my holidays, the walking races whenever we went walking together, the nights after dinner during my summer holidays when we used to lie down outside looking at the night sky with the fragrance from the night queen nearby filling the atmosphere, and me prodding them to tell me never-ending stories. These are refreshing memories that lift my mood instantly any given day, and make me look at my life more excitedly.

Role-models for life

My father is a retired engineer, with a strong spiritual inclination, an avid reader and a math-lover. My mother is a teacher-turned-homemaker, who indulges in painting, singing and poetry-writing during her free time in her own little world. They came from humble backgrounds and worked their way to better lifestyles through education. They knew the value of hard work and integrity.

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My mother had brought up my cousins much before I was born. She loved them like her own children, and still does to this very day. She holds them equal to me. Her infinite love for each and every one of us is one quality that draws great admiration from me. She has supported me all through my life whenever I was in need of help. She has been there for my cousins whenever they needed her. Just a phone call, and she would put aside all her own health problems, and jet out to be with them.

The way my father rose in life with willpower, hard work and faced difficulties bravely is something that inspired everyone in the family. He is respected for this quality and my cousins regard him a role model. I heard recently from a person in his circle how he helped to transform an abandoned place of worship into an active one and brought back its glory, by helping with the needed infrastructure.

The gratitude and respect in the tone of the person who narrated this tale increased my respect for my father. And I heard many such other untold stories. My father himself never told us about these. It is only now that I know after all these years, from someone else. How great is the humility of this simple man! I really wonder!! Isn’t this the stuff a human being should be made of? Being helpful, harmonious and humble! My father used to tell me inspiring stories of great men during my childhood, but never spoke about the good deeds he had done.

Giving back the love

We are nothing without our parents, who have nurtured us when we were delicate and vulnerable. And in their old age, it’s time to return all of that love and care when they are delicate and vulnerable. We are so busy and overwhelmed in our pursuit of life that we miserably fail to notice our parents ageing. And one day, when a health issue strikes them and we realize that they are ageing, we become devastated. That strong pillar on which we leaned all our life is getting delicate. And that’s when we realize that now, we have to be that strong pillar for them to lean on, for the life further.

I don’t need to look towards the world’s greatest men and women for inspiration. My heroes are here right in front of me in my own home- my father and my mother! They taught by exemplary living. The best takeaway for me from my parents is strength of mind, and the warrior spirit to fight against all odds to live your desired life. Parents are blessings from God which we don’t ask/pray for. All our life, we pray to the Almighty for various needs and wants but forget the basic and the most valuable need that he had already fulfilled at the very start of our life by giving us one awesome set of parents! I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing in my life!

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