Let Your Kids Explore Their Potential Of Art, Let Them Learn Through Creativity

Let the mountains be orange for a while. Let the pigs resemble donkeys because art is freedom and you need to help your kid to explore their potential with art.

Let the mountains be orange for a while. Let the pigs resemble donkeys because art is freedom and you need to help your kid to explore their potential with art.

 Mumma.. see this. The traffic light is red. No cars are allowed to go. Schools and shops are closed. And the road is empty. No cars are going.

See this.. our security uncle is sitting with a sanitizer bottle and bag of masks. Everybody who comes inside the building has to take it.

Ever observed your little one carving magic on paper? Well, I am one of those fortunate ones who get to see the same many times a day. And this lockdown has added the icing on the cake. At times Santa suddenly visits us with a goodie bag and a slanting Xmas tree.

From the playschool to Mommy’s office, all have an entry in the drawing book. And all this has not overgrown in a night. It has metamorphosed from the random scribblings to picturesque drawings (in the standards of a 5-year-old) with time. And I owe all this to the power of Imagination. I call it the ability to visualize things beyond the usual.

We all know how visuals create a stronger impact on these developing brains. So this is how I encashed on this and helped my daughter achieve the unusual at this age.

Don’t restrict the creativity of your kids 

When she was 2 and showed an interest in holding a pencil, I gave her paper to save the house walls. All I got to see was some random scribblings. I then gave her the colours. The scribblings became coloured and also more appealing. It delighted me that she enjoyed spending time with pen and colours. Thanks to Faber castle, extra-thick colours which made this easy to achieve.

Slowly, when she started learning shapes and letters in school, I made her draw small pictures associating the letters. The school helped her make crafts for the same and she started connecting the visuals. It was all very elementary,y but it helped her recollect the letters with the drawings and crafts. I pasted the beautifully created school crafts in her room so that she stayed connected in that world. In between playing with her buddies at home, sometimes I would make her revise those along with them. It was fun. And with this, I understood that visuals reach a kid’s brain super fast.

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As she grew, the imagination improved. I would ask her to choose objects from her daily life like the sun, moon, flowers, house, rain, clouds, etc. The colourful outcomes inspired her. As a token of appreciation, I would give her stars, and smileys and she would keep going.

Help them to unleash their creativity

From the solo objects, I gradually moved her to collections. I would suggest her to draw scenes now so a handful of the above objects made way to the beautiful scenery. And this engrossed her more into that world.

Besides nature, I motivated her to try some characters from the cartoons she enjoyed. Slowly we had a tiny Peppa pig with her brother George pig… tilted ben and holly duo.. a cute daniel tiger with her sissy Margaret tiger.

This gave her thrill and to me the depth I was looking for. I would often share her drawings with her grandparents and close relatives and she started enjoying the appreciation. It inspired her even more and then I made her connect her drawings to the stories I taught her or she heard otherwise.

And to firm my belief, even more, she came out with wonderful pieces every time. Drawings of a thirsty crow, Akbar and Birbal, a fox and grapes, a monkey and a crocodile, etc.

She loves making greetings for family and friends. Just on the last mother’s day, she gifted me a caricature kind of sketch on me and it was adorable. This strength of visualising things have helped her improve in activities like storytelling, pretend play and public speaking. And we as parents get to learn something new each day from here.

Art is not what you see 

Such is the power of visualization. They say Art is not what you see. It is what you make others see. I guess yes. Kids relish this colourful world and spend hours enjoying it. What else we as Parents can ask for.

So let the mountains be orange for a while. Let the pigs resemble donkeys, Let the cars run without wheels on roads. Let the sky be pink for them a little more while because there is no greater joy than watching the tiny ones create wonders with their humongous imagination. Godspeed.


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