Are Modern Women Surviving Or Suffering In 9 To 5 Jobs?

Some say 20th century women have plethora of ways to show the world, the way they are living and leading. Does it really prove that women have no boundaries as such??

Modern women!

These words have so many opinions to express. Some say 20th century women have a plethora of ways to show the world, the way they are living and leading. Does it really prove that women have no boundaries as such?? Let me tell you an experience of 2 women employees or say women working in IT companies.

The first one I am talking about here is an expert in managing the HR department in an MNC, being a manager to a team she was looked as an icon by her junior staff. They use to follow her in each and every aspect they bring on during the meetings, and the way she inspires these young women and helps them grow in their career has no limitations. But the performance and the achievements in her office were never to be compared to the skills that she has to deal with her family life. Why? Because she is never given a chance to spoke her opinions freely, at her home she is not playing a manager role, instead she is a slave who is working extra hours to hold back and bring the family together.

Why can’t she apply the same rules and tactics as she did in the office at home to be a manager, because still at home she has to be a daughter-in law with rules that were being followed and obliged from generations across. Is this environment going to help her raise her own kids to be independent or become like her after few years??

We will look at the second modern women. She is really a modern in all aspects. She is the only daughter and she is the love of her parents. So they gave her 200% of freedom, and she is free to share her thoughts about everything with parents. She helps her colleagues in the office and her social life is very active with a lot of friends online and offline. But the one thing that is making her stick to her grounds is that she believes everyone easily and she can’t realize who are true to her. She can be fooled very easily. She use to work very hard in the project and was ready to take up the challenges. But her leads or managers never took her work to be granted. They never recognised her for the work she had done.

She was feeling down about the instances when she saw her juniors get promoted who are from other projects. She spoke to managers at higher levels as well regarding the recognition and promotion she was expecting. But they were of no help, moreover they pin pointed more negatives than appreciate the positive work she did. She was left out with nothing but stress and deprivation. Being a women of modern culture why she is still not reaching her potential?

Both of them think themselves as failures, but have they really failed?


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