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Desires Of A Destitute Daughter

Posted: June 11, 2020

Poem from a helpless daughter for her equally helpless mother. The destitution of womanhood and its desires.

Dear Mom,
I wish I could give you wings to fly
So that you could have ruled the blue sky
And your pen wouldn’t have heard your goodbye
And you could have held your head high

I wish you had enough choices to make
And the walls of domesticity wouldn’t have been your cage
So that you wouldn’t have to face the society’s rage
And you could be free from the kitchen’s bondage

I wish you weren’t so engrossed in being a mother
That you lost all your vigour
And you could move ahead of satisfying the other
So that you could have sailed farther.

I wish the society wasn’t so unfair
And you could’ve been your father’s heir
So that you could have transcended horizons rare
And you could have traversed the paradigm of care

Lastly, I wish patriarchy was dead
And you would have had your desires fed
And trampling them everyone would dread
Where you could have unabashedly dreamt dreamt and dreamt.

A destitute daughter.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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