Prayers And Thankfulness During This Pandemic

The COVID-19 Crisis is giving rise to many fears but let's find those important things to be thankful for and look at the bright side. 

The COVID-19 Crisis is giving rise to many fears but let’s find those important things to be thankful for and look at the bright side. 


Lacs of  people infected  and lacs of deaths, 

Breathlessness and helplessness

is filling  the whole world with tears .

A common grave for the ones who left , 

for social distancing not at all matters there. 

The pandemic virus is giving many fears.

In this critical time,  

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God has kept  me in good health , 

along with my near and dears.

Shouldn’t I feel thankful ?


Hungry stomach and Zero  money ,

Walked   hundreds  of kilometers

to reach  their shelter ,

there’s immense  panic among the poor.

 By HIS grace , I am away

from the worries of hunger,

which many others have to bear.

Shouldn’t I be thankful ?


Everything is locked down .

 And in the silence around,

I do  hear pigeon’s coocoo

but never see peacock’s tail quivers,

He just screams in kaakaa ,

as if nature’s future plans he hears.

Birds , Hills or the  shapes of clouds- 

I have the time to appreciate  NATURE 

when the beauty appears.

Shouldn’t I be thankful ?


The lockdown is becoming a daily  lesson  too .

 ‘Living with less’ is the skill 

I would always like to adhere to.

No urge to shop , no online food 

No househelp  for looking forward to.

Shouldn’t I be thankful

that I am  knowing myself from near ?

Art saves me

To maintain social distancing with humans ,

I am moving  closer to

watching seeds in my little garden grow .

 Drawing ,Reading  or Calligraphy ,

The art is helping me, 

bear the fears & keep my little heart  clear .

Shouldn’t I be thankful?

I bow my head

Switch on the TV ,

it daily tells me a risen number .

News of fights  and deaths in my country .

My head bows in shame,

for the poisoned minds  attacking 

 police , health workers or warriors .

The pandemic virus is giving much  stress and fears.


In front of my little temple  ,

when I sit with closed eyes , 

Countless  thoughts come and go .

HE never created religions or boundaries ,

HE just created brains ,

& seeing humans use  it for biological  war ,

Maybe HE also  is  feeling  stunned

&  doubtful of  his own creation  power .

The pandemic virus is giving many fears .

 Praying is the best I can do.

As HE is the LOVE 

to whom we all belong .

HE is the ENERGY

who can turn things around!

Image Source: Pexels


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