Mumma , I Want To Score Less

Do you also need inspiration to loose weight? Read this beautiful life story of the weightless by the author.

Do you also need inspiration to loose weight? Read this beautiful life story of the weightless by the author.

I am reminded of the time when I scored in nineties but it didn’t make me happy at all. All I wanted was to score less, yes like that girl Garima aka Garry who scored 70 or better if it could be like Priyanka who scored 65. I felt jealous of those girls who scored less. But why the hell did I want to score less?

Because after all, it was the score of my body weight. Yes, my weight had increased to more than ninety just after I delivered my little sweety-my daughter.

It continued for 3-4 years with a constant thought of losing weight somewhere at the back of my mind. Handling job stress and my little sweety just didn’t permit me any time that I could lower down my score. Then one day my mind got a sudden push, a driving force that said “Nothing would be done unless you do”

I slowly started my journey for weight loss, doing exercises and getting diet conscious. Sixty days were enough for my body to feel lighter and ninety days could make the results visible to others also. Although I couldn’t score as Priyanka I got closer to Garry’s score.

Right after the celebration of new year and my sweety’s birthday in January, I have been observing my sweety gain weight somewhat exponentially , even her new dresses just not fitting well , and when she came home with the medical examination card which was conducted just before summer vacation in school, the weight was checked as 61 kg . That’s too much for a child who hasn’t even entered teenage.  She just doesn’t love pizzas or burgers but it was emotionally hard for a mother to stop her sweety having chips or pastries all at once.

Wanting her to score less, I tried to motivate her for some jogging, skipping, or join a lawn tennis academy near our place. She did try all these to please her Mumma but couldn’t continue with any of these as nothing interested her. But I was worrying every time I saw her sitting in her tight T-shirts.

Thinking constantly and with a fact that she enjoys dance, I prepared her mind to join an aerobics class in the evening. Of course, it would be my duty to drop her for the class and pick her up, she asked me “Mumma, what’s the idea just dropping –picking me? Why don’t you also join ?”

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“Okay let’s do it together”

So finally we two joined the Aerobics class together. Aerobics is a rhythmic exercise along with stretching, strength training and a few minutes for dance too to top up as an icing. If done consistently, It would bring lots of benefits like weight loss, increased stamina, controlled blood pressure, etc.etc.

But what we are loving with the Aerobics class is :

Mother-Daughter Together Time

We get to spend an hour together and that too in a fun-filled activity which is good for our health. What else do we want? Otherwise in daily routine, sometimes the day becomes too busy for us to get to spend a few moments together. It’s good to compare our energetic steps in the class and smile secretly.

Boosts our Mood

Every exercise has the power to boost up our mood because the toxins are released and happy hormones are produced. We may enter the class tired of the whole day exhaustion but we come out energized.

The weight scale scares us but makes us happy

The instructor in the aerobics class notes weights of all members twice a week. It’s fun to notice the changes in our weights. It’s motivating to see the scale show a lesser value when we step on it  –may be just a few grams, and it’s more motivating when it shows a higher value for someone else. Haha, that’s what human nature is.

Anyways jokes apart, it’s been just a week that we Mother-Daughter has joined Aerobics but we are enjoying it and hope to see some positive results soon. Although there’s not much change in our body weights in these seven days  –neither mine nor my sweety’s but it feels good to see when my daughter  now  avoids buying chips or pastries and says “Mumma, I want to score less”

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