It Is Okay To Be Completely Broken, As Long As You Rebuild And Love Yourself And Don’t Stay Broken Forever

You don’t deserve to be treated badly by you. With the universe and wonderful magic of galaxies, we are just miniature beings. And often, that's enough.

You don’t deserve to be treated badly by you. With the universe and wonderful magic of galaxies, we are just miniature beings. And often, that’s enough.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Globally, about 264 million people go through mental disorder and close to 8,00,000 people commit suicide. Added 76% are youths of age 15 – 29 years old. But I am not here to scare you with facts.

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, disturbed sleep, stooping to pettiness, insecurity, low self esteem encloses together leading to a state of disinterest. Generally a combination of all these is termed as mental illness. To be mentally sick isn’t a crime.

It takes courage to accept the truth and search for help through proper medication. But here is what most of us fail to acknowledge. Who knows you better than yourself? You can’t change yourself unless you decide.

Some times, it is okay to let it go

A short real life story of one of my friends and the lesson I learned from that. My friend doesn’t socialise with people, he’s more of an introvert and finds no need to share his feelings with an outsider. However, over time, he further distanced himself from people and gave access to his life to even fewer others.

After the love of his life left him, he spent two months in complete loneliness and went emotionally numb. He began blaming himself and wasn’t willing to accept that the relationship wasn’t going to happen again. And after the breakup, he kept playing the victim card.

He even tried to kill himself once but thankfully, another friend of ours could save him, in time. His attempted suicide couldn’t get him his relationship back the way he wanted. And in this case, neither him nor the girl were to be blamed.

When it is a lost cause, one should just cut the ties and move on. We suggested he go to a therapist but he was scared to do that. And by this time, I had a bunch of questions that I needed answers to.

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So I asked him how long was he going to play the role of the victim? How long did he plan on crying over the same stuff? Just how long did he plan to give himself the pain and the hurt? How long was he going to blame the time and the people?

Life, at the end of the day, is beautiful

All I got was silence as answer to these questions. So I took a minute to give him my answer. My answer might not apply to everyone, it is a generalised statement for all struggling with relationship problems. I told him, that we have answers within ourselves but we fail to see them and overpower them by dishonouring them and them.

This is our life and we choose people with whom we find comfort, to let in our life. Just like a coin with two sides, life has good and bad. To erase the bad through slow processes and to cherish the good moments will make our life loved more by us.

It is you, you pushed yourself in that dais of merriment or a dump pit. You don’t deserve to be treated badly by you. With the universe and wonderful magic of galaxies, we are just miniature beings. We are always unsure of the next second of our life. Yet we make plans for the next day and for the future.

It is completely okay to be broken. But it is never okay to stay broken for a longer time. It is okay to take a day off to give a break from the constant race we are in. I know, we feel empty some days, take rest, slow down your process, but be back. Be the true version of yourself.

It is okay to let your soul out to cry, but never drown in the pool of pity. When people leave you, make sure you don’t regret letting them in your life. Every single person will teach you a lesson. And each lesson is meant to be learnt wisely.

Learn to live and to love yourself

Death can occur anytime, but let us not make our journey about that. Let us entail it only with the good. Don’t hate yourself. Make the best of you. You defeat yourself everyday. Love yourself. No one can love you more than yourself. Take a moment to smile. It will serve as a medicine to self cure.

Always appreciate all your good deeds. You take every step towards optimism, eventually all the like minded people will form a group for betterment. Believe in the energy of the Universe, lots of wonders are yet to come. Don’t shame or degrade yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. And you don’t need an external person for helping YOU. Talk to yourself and let yourself know that YOU LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD.

To die will never be a solution. You will leave your loved ones to suffer from the pain of losing us. We die leaving all the unanswered questions to be entangled that will never find its way to resolve. Let’s not complicate it more.

Every issue has a solution

There’s always a solution if there is a problem. Chase for the answers you need for your questions. Talk to people, have healthy connections. Embrace the life that we are gifted with. Do not take it for granted. Let death happen by nature. We are the masters of our mind and soul. Let the master, master the art of glory and sanity in oneself.

I’m not here to help you. But I am here to let you know the reality that you let bury in the chaos. You survived the worst days, but remember the good days that let you a wide smile in that beautiful face. That smile from the heart and soul will be the key to calmness and kindness.

My conversation ends here, but the aftermath conception is always left in the hands of The Master.

Picture credits: Still from movie Dear Zindagi

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