Time To Show Respect Towards Self and Mother Nature?

We have learnt so many things from our Mother Nature, yet we are still in the process of exhausting it.

In this state of world emergency when everybody is advised to lockdown, there are one part of group who believes that its the way that nature is trying to HEAL herself. There is also a group who is seeing the positive side of this natural calamity like the reduction in pollution level, getting time to spend with your family, your children or time to pursue a hobby which you otherwise can’t do because of lack of time.

We humans are part of this nature. But in this race of life we have forgot this. We have started thinking of ourselves as God and believing that we can do anything. While confidence can take you to places but over confidence will take you nowhere. We forgot that there is one supreme power above all of us who is in-charge of every single living being be it human or animals. While humans have been lockdown in their homes, animals are freely roaming.

We have learnt so many things from our Mother Nature, yet we are still in the process of exhausting it. I read somewhere that many of the new technologies are based on various natural phenomena which is known as Biomimicry. For example Japan bullet train is designed on the basis of Kingfisher bird peak, wind turbines modeled after Humpback whales, ventilation system inspired by termites have been used to build a mall in Zimbabwe which is consuming 10% less energy. One can find many more examples related to biomimicry. Many research organisations are working on it and trying to develop products based on nature’s way.

In this time of nCovid19 or any natural calamity we say that its nature’s way of healing itself. A kids movie released few days back ‘Frozen’ had a very important message in it which says we are all made of water and water knows everything about you. But in my opinion its not just water its the nature as a whole that knows everything about us. We human have taken many birth and re-birth and at present are combination of all those.Then if we humans are the product of nature then why can’t we learn to heal ourselves? If nature could teach us new technologies then why can’t we learn one simple thing from nature i.e. to heal ourselves all alone? Why humans have been conditioned that they need someone to heal them, to guide them, to protect them or to complete them? From where this idea has generated that an individual is incomplete be it male or female without the opposite gender? The problem is that we have stopped listening to our Mother Nature and instead listen to outside noise. Your answer to each and every question lies in nature. It has the power to guide you and to take you to places where you actually want to go. Just believe in yourself and listen to your heart. For once a day just switch off all the outside noise and try to listen to your heart. Listen carefully what the nature is trying to tell you. Every individual is complete and is capable enough to lead his/her life. Ask for help when necessary but don’t depend too much on that. As an individual you are enough to conquer this world.

Let go off the past to welcome a new change. Allow yourself to be guided by your heart. Remember whatever happen happens for a reason. Keep yourself motivated by focussing on the positive side of every situation. Just like during the period of lockdown try to focus on your hobbies or invest in yourself. Life is full of uncertainity where we have no clue about the next moment. So even in time of distress just listen to your inner self and be guided by it. Try to listen to nature to find all your answers by focussing on the bright side of every situation. Learn to respect yourself and nature and in return nature will respect you.

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