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Quarantine Time Has Brought The Best Out Of Me As A Person

Posted: April 28, 2020

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I will say such unplanned situations open the doors of different kinds of opportunities. You just need to have that vision to identify it.

Sometimes when you feel you are going to break down, you feel that it’s the end. But one needs to understand that this might be the beginning. It’s just the matter of attitude and the way you look towards a situation. The best word for this is PERCEPTION!

Sudden Changes

Well, let’s talk about this lockdown itself that we are experiencing at the moment. Most of us are eagerly waiting for this lockdown to get over including me. I am 33, a daughter, wife, a mother and professionally a professor. So all of a sudden our nation’s leaders announced lockdown and my happening life suddenly took a 360 degree turn. Sitting at home for 21 days. I mean I asked myself that are you kidding girl? How that is supposed to happen? The same office responsibilities, added home responsibilities and I was doomed in my mind. I said then, do I have any option? I sat for some time alone and thought that this might be a great time also which I was looking for to spend some quality time at home with family along with handling office responsibilities. The never give up spirit inside me said, lets accept the challenge and get these things organized in a positive way.

Discovering Different Dimension Of My Persona

Initially I was definitely not at all prepared but slowly it took shape. The time which I was not finding for my weight loss, I managed it through yoga and meditation from morning and then household work was an extra. Taking my online lectures from home was also equally interesting. Students also gave good feedback about attending lectures as they were having it at their own convenience. Making new dishes everyday, discovering the cooking creativity sleeping inside me since ages. Weight loss triggered extra energy and gave me a shining outlook to bring the best out of me. Timely encouragement remarks from authorities gave me extra zeal to work more efficiently. So all together this lockdown so far has not at all been a hindrance or a pause button in my life at least. Rather it pushed my limits and discovered a different dimension of my persona.

New Opportunities

We always curse situations most of the times. But Why? Is it because, it is sudden? We are not planned? Or what? I will say such unplanned situations open the doors of different kinds of opportunities. You just need to have that vision to identify. So identify and modify it! Before concluding I would like to share an idea which was shared to me by my father. It says, “Fishes who swim with the flow of the stream of water are those who are not necessarily alive, rather dead, try to be that fish who has the power to swim against the flow because they are ALIVE.” Stay Home, Stay Safe! The world needs you. You are special!

Image Source: Pexels

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