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Messiah Comes! Just Don’t Lose Hope

Posted: April 7, 2020

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I had hit myself against a branch of a tree. The prickle pierced through my wings hurting me in  due course.Thud! I went down. I kept chirping and calling out for help. During that helpless moment, I had wished for just one member to be with me. I kept shrieking but none heard my cry.

Some of them flocked and kept hovering around like spectators watching an interesting game. None gathered the courage to come near me. With other carnivorous species on prowl, I knew my death was certain. I trembled with fear listening to some dreadful cries and howls.”I tried pushing myself up, but my wounded wings didn’t support my endeavour. “Aww they hurt like hell”. The pain was so excruciating that I  started praying for my death.

“Oh God ! Show me the way to heaven.I can’t take this pain anymore.” My parched throat and rumbling stomach made me weak and famished. After a while, I finally decided it was time for me to bid adieu to this world.I accepted it as my fate and destiny.

Suddenly, I felt a touch.I laid there, petrified. ‘Oh God , is it a Tiger ,Lion ,fox .. whoever it is just make it quick for me..Let me not suffer much. Please let my death be less painful.”

But to my surprise, I heard an alien language.The touch was warm and the lift was smoother. “Oh Wow! My Messiah is here.” He was tall as a coconut tree. His body had extensions, just like my wings, but had no feathers though. He placed me on one of them and covered me with the other.

He took me inside his cosy room and applied some balm. Gave me food and water. He took great care of me for few days. Kept a watch on me until I was ready to take my flight. Then one fine sunny morning he let me fly back and be with my fellow beings.

I just shared my story with you of how I met my Messiah when I had lost all my hope.

You too will meet your Messiah soon. He will help you come out victorious . Till then just keep hanging in there and don’t  lose faith.

Image via Pixabay

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