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Being A House Wife Is The Toughest Job In The World

Posted: April 15, 2020

Just one-week into the lockdown (which is now extended) made me realize how tough it is doing the home chores, being a housewife and to do all the house chores like dish cleaning, laundry, cooking and all those work which cannot be listed and which cannot be acknowledged.

Being a housewife is the toughest job in this entire world!!

Any profession or job will get a weekly off and also will be acknowledged by the family members and others that this person is going outside to earn the bread but no one will admit who is making, serving and worth eating that bread.

We are not able to get the service of maid in these days, still somehow we are able to manage our home clean, cooking and our office work. So, an applause to each n everyone who is doing all these chores on his own and huge ovation to all the mummies who are taking care of their kids as well, while doing all these works and great applause to all the hubbies and papa who are helping their wife and their kid’s mother in achieving their office goals as well.

One more thing, no one will acknowledge your work until & unless you will acknowledge your work!!

And also give praise to yourself if you don’t know any home chore but still you are trying to do.

As I observed that in the current scenario, definition of being independent includes earning, making and serving the bread. So, if you are teaching your girl to be independent which society always seeks, then why there is discrimination with the boys.

To all the mummies, pl. make your son also independent, don’t do such discrimination with them.

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