7 Tiny Poems On Instagram To Restore Hope In All Of Us!

In these uncertain times, it is hope that keeps us going. And what better way to restore hope in all of us, than tiny poems! Here are 7 poems to give hope.

In these uncertain times, it is hope that keeps us going. And what better way to restore hope in all of us, than tiny poems! Here are 7 poems to give you hope.

Last week, we posted another cue for our #ittybittypoetry on our  Instagram handle. And here are the 7 beautiful poems, read on!

#Ittybittypoetry is a poetry series where you can submit, as the name suggests, tiny poems (just about 20 words) on a cue that we post – every fortnight.

Don’t stop dreaming by Malvika Dangwal

Follow her poetryfier024.

Isn’t your dream world a little better than reality, especially right now? Malvika agrees since she asks you to dream a little more, each day. 

Humans supporting each other gives Nilshree Damani Yelulkar hope!

Follow her nilshree_mumma. 

Sharing and taking care of people is a magical experience to watch or even be a part of. And true to that, Nilshree finds that her hope is restored at such times. 

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She’s more than what others think says Sheeba Vinay

Follow her sheeba.vinay.

You, dear reader, just like Sheeba, are way more than what others think. Strong, resilient, beautiful, charming, intelligent, you can be anything as long as you choose it for yourself!

This too shall pass, says Romila

Follow her @thenovemberschild.

We know that sunsets are followed by sunrise and just like that these dark times will also come to an end. This, too, shall pass!

No question of being ‘restored’ says Dimple Tahil

Follow her foreveralearner.

The firmness of faith is what Dimple believes in. Her faith has always been there, without a question of being restored.  

The selfless people working around us restore hope says Richa Jindal

Follow her richatulbhansal.

For Richa, it is the people selflessly working round the clock that helps her believe. The ones doing their very best to make sure that the things are controlled. 

Thoughts could be more dangerous than the virus says Gangotri Kaushik

Follow her gkaus2.0

There are times, when your thoughts are your worst enemies. But there are times, when they can be your best friends too. So embrace the good thoughts and say bye to the bad ones!

We’ll be sharing the next cue for #ittybittypoems soon. Follow our Instagram handle for more such amazing series where you can participate!

Picture credits: Pexels

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