Women Are Real Saviours In This Whole Wide World

With the coming of new age and technologies at a blink of an eye, what has not changed is the Role of Women: both personal and professional.

I truly believe when I faintly heard a woman next to me sitting at a cafe while sipping coffee, “how women are supposed to be a mother, wife, daughter, earning member to proclaim her independence and a cook”!.

I am a single person living with a family of 5 in a new country (United Kingdom) with its culture and status to adapt to. I’m not complaining here, I do like the whole experiences that I have each and every day. Just coping with it just how we were told, ” Take each day as it comes”. Phew!!! it is tough but exciting rather than boring which is pretty decent.

Neverchanging role of women

With the coming of new age and technologies at a blink of an eye, what has not changed is the Role of Women: both personal and professional. Let me put this with personal observable examples to better explain my point! For instance, at home, if a woman is married- she will predominantly ‘have to’ look after her children and husband, her household, feed them with healthy food. No matter if she is a homemaker or a working woman.

Even if she works late at night, still it is expected that she will come back home to cook, take care of her husband and put the children down to sleep and all that. These expectations are more from the husband and, let me be clear from the innate being of us women who are extra caring, extra cautious and extra in everything. It hardly matters if a woman holds a PhD or is a corporate worker!

She is required to conform to the norm of society!!

I wouldn’t say that things aren’t changing. They are and at a good pace! But the mindsets have to be broadened and evolved more quickly than ever especially in men and families in general of not just in India but all the developing countries. This is because that is how we are brought up looking at our parents and everyone around. This does not mean that women in other parts of the world are free from the expectations!! It is there.. but the respect and a helping hand that they receive from their husbands (especially) are great. Therefore, I love the idea of sharing and eventually bringing up a child together (husband and wife) than just one parent.

The idea of writing this article was to cheer up for all the ladies/women of the world to continue doing what they are doing without uttering a word or nagging about it. It is also for young women who might be going into a new phase in their lives of marriage or trying to hold the family together in every situation, every weather, every onus of their lives, just to see her family happy!! You are doing wonderful and keep up the spirit going higher!!!

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