When Will A Crime Like Rape Have Strict And Fast Trials In Our Country?

Don’t you think punishing a few rapists while giving legal assistance to the others is grave injustice?

There was a lot of excitement, a feeling of triumph that people felt when the crusaders of the Telangana rape case were killed in an encounter.

The feeling at large was that this should be the punishment meted out to all those who commit such ghastly crimes. But don’t you think punishing a few rapists while giving legal assistance to the others is grave injustice?

The media has been interviewing Nirbhaya’s mother to know her opinion on this. For god’s sake, what do you expect the mother of a rape victim to say when her daughter’s rapists are still been given a hearing in the court of law.

Isn’t this injustice in the first place?

Why is there no uniformity of law in the country for all rapists?

The Telangana government has ordered for a 21 day start to finish the trial in such cases so why is that one state is doing it but the other is not?

One lobby is also questioning the Telangana Police encounter whether it was indeed genuine and if the trend of punishing the guilty in such a manner continues then the court of law would be of no value however the same lobby is not questioning the court of law delaying the final verdict in many such cases.

My two cents on this 

The supreme court is the most trusted court of law in our country. Kindly pass a uniform law that gives priority to such cases and define a period within which these cases should be closed giving a punishment no lesser than death if proven guilty.

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We don’t want mothers of Nirbhaya waiting for justice and even worse giving statements about how they feel about it. How a mother feels about it can never be imagined!!!

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