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Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani 2 Is A True Ode To Womanhood

Mardaani 2, clearly highlights how each time a woman decides to follow her mind, she’s either curbed or labeled as egoistic. The movie is a clear depiction of how women are treated on a daily basis. 

Mardaani 2, clearly highlights how each time a woman decides to follow her mind, she’s either curbed or labeled as egoistic. The movie is a clear depiction of how women are treated on a daily basis. 

“Mardaani 2” featuring Rani Mukherjee ushers in the climax on such a meaningful day, after all what’s more auspicious than defeating evil on Diwali! On one hand we burn the effigy that has been signifying evil for long now (though researchers/authors and some readers would defy that) and on the other, the fiendish perpetrator is dragged down the streets of Kota by none other than SP Shivani Shivaji Roy.

Who has already been handed the transfer letter only because she was following her duties to the T! And yes, she had to bear the brunt for a reason that’s now known to all, for being a woman who knows what’s right and what’s not!

Reflection of lives of women

It’s extremely upsetting, we live in society where our male counterparts truly can’t handle women who raise their voice when needed; as they rightly quote, men aspire for strong women until they have one!

Sunny the villain if one calls him for he deserves to be called nothing but a vermin, has been brought up in a scenario wherein he has witnessed, (rather aided) his own father brutally murdering his mother, only because she was the only women in their neighborhood to stand for right!

The movie echoes points that are not unknown to any of us but becomes so hard hitting that it will not leave an indelible mark on our psyches! “Mardaani 2” isn’t just a movie, it is the reflection of what women (of all age groups) go through each day, every moment- is my neckline too sharp? Is my laughter too loud? Is my make-up too inviting? We go through it all! And even after confronting all these societal hurdles we aren’t left alone.

A woman when becomes vociferous is shut down by either regression or devilry!

Sunny, repeatedly mentions a woman should be shown her “place”, now who decides that? And what exactly is a woman’s place? I agree, a man and a woman toils equally but there are certain areas wherein a woman scores more than a man- and these are extremely crucial areas! The monthly bloodshed; childbirth; abortion; unwanted intercourse, er marital rape (ssshhh, we need to avoid that) or rape in general is something that traumatizes a woman more than anything! So those who complain about women demanding reservations and equality should first learn to partake in such things too!

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Mardaani 2 defines women

The film clearly highlights how each time a woman decides to follow her mind, she’s either curbed or labeled as egoistic! No, we are not on an ego trip when we are trying to seek basic right fulfillment or even getting to do what we want!

Women in a country like ours get worshipped throughout the year but society’s tolerance towards them every moment is disgusting! Each time a woman crosses the threshold of her home she questions her own safety on the roads, in public transports, at workplace. She is safe no where; sometimes her safety is threatened by her own family. In a country like ours, women are killed as a foetus, is there anything more shameful?

We conduct candle marches, burn effigies but do not make haste with real perpetrators. They are caught (if at all), taken care of, fed well, in fact they are meted out a treatment which is anything but punishment.

Thus Mardaani 2, ends on a note where the women (led by a strong woman cop) take it upon themselves when it comes to punishing the offender. Each whiplash on the other perpetrator’s body speaks about the torment he brought to each of the women he met. He not only raped them but left them or their near and dear ones scarred for life!

The movie is a story of women like Chhaya Sharma, one who led and resolved the spine chilling Nirbhaya case or women cops/leaders/ or an ordinary woman who takes her transgressor by task! The film calls out to women, reinstating how powerful she could be besides being so full of love and concern! One should not forget, when a woman decides to stand up for herself she does that for millions of her tribe!

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