The Importance Of An Early Morning Routine

Why this early morning getting up has always been part of our teachings? Remember when we first heard it, early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. The idea of getting up early as always been made something like the toughest task to do but all the great stories and successful entrepreneurs start their routine early morning itself. Why this is such a crucial thing?

That is when it started coming up in our life, our parents always scolding us to get up early, we were the rebel always negotiating with time and snoozing alarms. It has been always emphasized on us. Of course, we do hear about the builders having a heavy morning routine, waking up early and spending time with themselves. Keeping in touch with reality is what we all are pacing up with.

All the builders, entrepreneurs, artist are always having their peaceful time before they initiate their day. What is the common thing in them? Yes, waking up early.

4 things which you are getting affected with

Imagine that the minute you start your day, you are rushing. You have to make tiffin, you have to run for work, you have to clean your house, you have to deal with servants. Our brains have not even woken up and started the activity but we start with our subconscious routine.

Yes, you will get affected by it.

Decreases Productivity

You decide to get up late because last night you had a late meeting, you came home completely exhausted. In the morning you get up late and again meeting end to complete your chores before the work. All your day went into irritation and you are not able to focus at all.

We could have done a lot more but we decided to limit ourselves, we have the potential in us to give the 100% our body allows it but what we do not have is the strength to be disciplined.

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It is time to think twice and understand where we are restricting ourselves. It is time to understand how our productivity can be increased.


We have had the sensation of not feeling well, we generally feel either restless or we feel completely lazy to take up any task. Diet is an important factor but not living a standard routine can actually make us feel lethargic. The standard routine of not sleeping on time, working till late hours and even getting up late in the morning.

This surely disturbs our body rhythmic cycle.

Living life in Mediocrity

With this kind of routine where we do not feel like doing enough is what we are doing wrong, we feel lethargic we feel sad we feel completely out of focus. This is where we are living a life of mediocrity.

We are human body working in complete rhythm to achieve our highest goal and service to mankind. But the reality is far away, what we are doing is daily going to a job which we hate but we have to do only to pay off our bills.

Introspection is always important we have never taken any time of the day where we have introspected and learnt what we actually need with ourselves and where there is a point to improve. Hence, we need to change our daily routine to achieve more discipline and understand ourselves better.


This is something which sums up the above three points completely. This is something that brings our whole story to one point. We need to understand ourselves better and for that, we need to concentrate on our goal.

All the above factor will only lead to low productivity and keep us far away from our goals.

4 ways to Increase your Potential

Now that you know you have been suffering from these issues in life and you are sure that you have to increase your potential. If you have decided to do it. It is time to do it well. What we are actually finding in our lives right now? Prosperity!

This words in all the state are what we are finding. We need success, future, love and health. We stay in a society and that is why we bound to have these minimal expectations of material needs. Following this Morning Routine will surely take us to a new road of success.

Wake up Early

Now that you know that your productivity will definitely increase when you go with the body’s natural biorhythm. It is meant to be one of the most crucial points to start with.

An Hour Solace with yourself

Spending time with yourself and introspecting one it is time to understand how our body individually works with. How we think and what is the status of our emotions. We need to deal with our negativity and positivity. Spending time with oneself is how you find your solace.

Taking it Slow

Take your target one day at a time, it is like how you optimize your things and understand oneself. Achieve your goal daily, pre-strategize your activity for the day to have a better and rigid plan.

Exercise! Exercise!

Exercise not only gives your body the power but also helps in boosting your brain neurons. It is the time that at least for 20 minutes but you give your body the needed stretch.

After knowing the basic I hope you are sure that you are going to win the world.

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